Friday, September 26, 2008

Skee-tio Bites

Since it is officially fall (and I LOVE fall) I have started burning the Yankee Frosted Pumpkin candle, and it is a bit cooler outside. I have also bought some mini-pumpkins and gourds to put outside on the front porch. 

Breanna LOVES pumpkins. In fact she has sort of adopted one and it goes almost everywhere with her. She carries it around, she sleeps with it, holds it while she eats, ect. The only place it doesn't go is to school, she would lose it there and that would not be a pleasant thing for me. 

Back to the mini-pumpkins and gourds on the front porch, Breanna see's one of these and says:

"Mommy look at all of those skeeto-bites!" 

She thinks the bumps on the gourds are mosquito bites!! Tooooo cute!!

I have bought the kids Halloween costumes,but you have to wait a little bit longer to see them. I can tell you JJ will be a pirate, and Breanna will either be Tinkerbell, or a Princess. I will post pictures are soon as I get JJ's (I order it online and it isn't here yet). 

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Weeksie50 said...

I was just stopping by from another look at your My Favorite Things Swap Post.. Your link was on another page.. While I was here I found out your were a fellow Oklahoman and I wanted to say Hi!