Saturday, August 25, 2007

Where have you been????

That is the question I am getting asked the most.........

Well here is the answer. I am at home.

Jay has been out of town for the last two and a half weeks. I have been by myself with the kids. I don't have any free time, or me time anymore. I get up at 5:30 get the kids ready we are out the door by 6:10, I go to work, get the kids at about 4:30 and we are home by 5:00. I get them dinner, get them their baths (which they have been taking together), get their teeth brushed, have story time and they are off to bed. Breanna has decided that she doesn't want to go to bed till about 11:30pm, so I am fighting with her from about 8 to 11:30 to get her to go to sleep.
Things have been pretty hectic. I am not use to not getting any break. I know that Jay is at work at lot even when he is at work, but when he is home on the weekend I at least get to go shopping with one kid instead of two.
I have been really worn down, with Breanna not going to sleep till 11:30 I am not getting to sleep till 12:30 because I still need to get clothes washed, dishes done, and get things ready for the next day.
We "think" Jay will get to come home early and he will come home next weekend. Although that may change and he may actually have to stay all 30 days. He is very ready to come home.
They do have a trailer house that he is living in there. He has a full kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, he has satellite TV, and a DVD player. So he has a mini house there, but it isn't the same as being home. I hope that he is home in a week. I am very tired, and very worn out. I miss him more than he knows. You take for granted being able to turn to someone when you are watching something and comment to them about it, or having someone give you a hug. I miss that.
I take Breanna and J.J. to the doctor on Tuesday for Breanna's 2 year old appt, and JJ's 9 mon old appt. I will post their stats after that. JJ is growing like a weed and becoming more mobile and vocal. Breanna talks ALL the time. Jay commented that she never shuts up just like her mom. Obviously she can't help it, she was born that way.....hahaha.
That is all for now. I am going to try to go and take a bath and go to bed. Breanna is actually asleep so I need to take advantage of that!!!! =)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

So much to talk about...........

Let see I haven't been here in a long time. It is kind of crazy lately with Jay working sooo much I have my hands full all the time with the kiddos.

Jay left yesterday for a 30 day stay in Texas. He is in Wheeler working on a rig that is starting, so they need someone there all the time. So he is going to stay in a trailer that they have out there for him for the next 30 days.

As for the kiddos,

Breanna is 2 can you believe it. We had her birthday party on July 21st. My grandparent came in town from Arkansas the night before and then drove home after her party. We really appreciate it we know that makes for a long weekend!! She got lots of great presents that she LOVES to play with. She is a very entertained little girl. She is growing and learning more and more everyday. It is really hard for me to believe that she is already two. It seems like she should still be JJ's age. She loves to dance, laugh and play with her little brother. Sometime she likes to love on him a little too much, she has a tendency to hug him a little hard sometimes!!

JJ is making growing leaps and bounds lately. He is still doing the army crawling thing, but he has turned into a little monkey. He crawls and pulls himself up on EVERYTHING that he can get his hands on. The couch, coffee table, the jumping seat, toys, just about anything taller than him. He has starting eating table food too. I have given him mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, pickles, Gerber cheesy twists, cooked carrots. He loves eating like everyone else.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

Breanna on her birthday!!

Breanna and her baby

Breanna ready for bed


The kiddos playing with their toys

They are eating Gerber Cheesey puffs

She is such a ham!!
JJ feeding himself

hmmm wonder if I can get up there......