Monday, September 10, 2007

Our "busy" week

So busy describes our week. Jay came home last Friday. We were all happy to see him. We got to BBQ and watch the OU game together, and just spend some time together. It was Labor Day weekend so we got to spend 3 days together. I realized how much having an extra set of hands around makes things.
Tues went by pretty much uneventfully. Then came Wed. I got a call from Daycare about 9:30am, to let me know that when Sara was changing JJ's diaper she noticed something, he had pooped out a penny. Now where he found the penny and how he actually ingested it without me knowing is a complete mystery.
Then I got another call from daycare. Breanna had stood up in her chair during lunch and had fallen out of her chair and hit her chin on the countertop. She had split her chin open and that it may need a stitch. So I left work and went to get her. Calling the doctor from the car on the way to get her. I got there and she was happy and smiling and acted like nothing was bothering her at all. We got to the doctor and they took a look at it and decided that they could use durmabond and "glue" her chin back together. So this is when things got bad, it took 2 nurses to hold my little 24lbs child down while the doctor cleaned, and glued her chin closed. She screamed and fought them the whole time. I had to sit down, I was holding JJ and started to feel a little light headed.
The next few days it got more purple and more swollen. Finally on Sunday the swelling started to go down and the bruise looks like it is getting better. Here are some pictures of her chin.

Thurs was another uneventful day. Friday I got a call that JJ was throwing up. So I spent the rest of that day hanging out with the kids at home.
Sat another GREAT OU game was on. Breanna can now say Boomer Sooner, she was running around the house yesterday saying it. Gotta start 'em young!! =)

Next weekend you can think of Jay and I sitting in the stands cheering on the Sooners. My parents have graciously offered to let us use their tickets this coming weekend and they will watch the kiddos.
Just a side note...thanks to my parents for watching my kiddos the Wed night before Jay came home (we didn't know he was coming home that weekend, it was a surprise to even him) they let me go out to dinner by myself and let me get a little break from taking care of the kids. It was sooooo nice to get to eat dinner, and just sit there and enjoy some peace and quiet!!
Today Jay found out that he will be going to Houston on Wed-Fri to attend a top drive school. He is excited about it. (no worries though, they should be back by Sat for the OU game.)