Thursday, January 31, 2008

An AMAZING family...Meet Nathan, Tricia, and Gwyneth

Ok so if you are a reader of some of the blogs that I keep up with you have already met Nathan, Tricia, and thier beautiful little daughter Gwyneth. If you want to read something that will make you cry, laugh, have a huge smile on your face, and truely believe in not only miracles, but the power of prayer, you need to go and read their story. It is one that is FULL of miracles, unconditional love, hope, and belief.

Tricia has Cystic Fibrosis, and in my eyes is one of the strongest and bravest women I know of. (I don't know her at all, but after you read Nathans blog you will feel like you know them too.) Nathan is her husband, and again like his amazing wife is one of the stongest and bravest people in the world. Their belief that God will take care of them and is with them through this journey (no matter how the journey may get) is unwavering. I could try to summorize what they have been going through, but I will copy the intro to Nathan's blog and then let you go and read the rest for your self. I could not to it justice myself, and it is better to just let you read Nathan's words.

From Nathan:

"My name is Nathan. My wife, Tricia has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and had been preparing for a double lung transplant until we discovered we were pregnant.Tricia is the most incredible person I've ever met. She keeps me humble and in love.Gwyneth is our beautiful, new, baby girl, born 15+ weeks early.Tricia is on her way back onto the transplant list, and Gwyneth is on her way out of the NICU and into our hearts.This is our story from my perspective...Please, take a moment to visitTricia's Web Site and read about her life and journey with CF. I would appreciate it beyond words.Also, consider Donating to help me find a cure for CF. "

Here is Nathan's blog address. Like Nichole I suggest you start reading previous posts first. so you can read their story and get caught up with what has happened to current. Please pray for them.

Nathan's Blog <-----click on that to go to his blog.

Start of the pregnancy where I would start, although you can go back and read the whole thing, I know once I got there I couldn't help myself I had to read it all. You will have to scroll to the bottom and read up to follow the correct date order.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My father is 28 years and one day older than me today!!!

Things I have learned from him in my 29 years and 364 days (if you can put the two together you will know how old my dad is today).............

If you scream loud enough while on a car trip as a child you will get an entire box of fig newtons, and can stand on your head in the car if you choose to. (I was only 2)

A fathers index finger is the perfect size for a small hand to hold.

If you are going to throw your child in the air make sure they are facing you....otherwise you get to hear their back crack.

If you are going to swing your child around, make sure again that they are facing you.

Boomer Sooner....enough said!! =)

Bud, Barry, and Bob are GREAT men.

If the Sooners lose you leave the Sooner fan alone, let him grieve and get over the loss, it may take a day or two.

As a little bit older child while on a long road trip if you kick the back of your parents seat in a car for long enough eventually they will let you get out and stretch your legs. (even if they have been stopping to do it the last 10 hours and you were being a stubborn kid and wouldn't get out of the car)

Most Civil War Battlefields (east of the Mississippi) consist of a field with an old wooden fence, cannons on one side, and trees on the other, and a plaque of the said battle that explains what happened. (and you will still stop and see them all)

A Shamrock shake from McDonald will make a mouth that has just had a tooth pulled feel a lot better.

If Mom says no, ask Dad.

Learning to drive is a great thing when you get to do it in a Camero Convertible.

There is a perfect way to get your child to stop slamming her door, take it off the hinges and take it out into the garage.

If someone asks you to back up a car so they can check the oil, make sure that you 1. can either reach the brake pedal, or 2. close the car door.

Sometimes when you are an adult it is better to let the child go on the fair ride that spins and goes upside down by themselves, especially when it is about 115 outside.

B/S, S/H, H/A/L/F - be safe, study hard, have a little fun.

A car is just made up of parts, it has no feelings, but a clean car is a happy cars, and happy cars run better.

If you are going to a NASCAR race in Dallas, make sure you have your rain gear, and something to read while you wait for the track to dry.

Even if someone has worn a suit and tie for 30+ years while holding an important position and a prominate financial institution doesn't mean there isn't an earring wearing, Harley owner waiting to be discovered.

Scuba diving is fun!

Brothers has great bloody mary's and Guinness draft takes a long time to pour.

On game day it is good to be in your seat one hour before the game starts.

Hard work always pays off in the end.

Dad's can fix almost anything!!

No matter how old we get we will always be his children.

Your fathers index finger will no matter how old you are be the right size to hold.

No matter how many car seats you kick, doors you slam, car doors you rip off, traffic tickets you get, miles you move away, or no matter how mad you can make a parent. Your Daddy will ALWAYS love you, want the best for you, and worry about you.

I love you Daddy, hope you have a great day! Thanks for being the best Dad a girl could want for the last 29 years and 364 days!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Update...long over due

Long time….no post…..

Changes are coming….I am going to dive back into posting. Since the last time I posted…..Halloween. Breanna was Alice in Wonderland, JJ was Pooh Bear. JJ turned 1!! Thanksgiving. Christmas, Melissa, and my Grandparents came into town to celebrate with everyone. We are now gearing up to move…..yep that is right move. Being that I have the greatest parents, grandparents, and nana we are going to be moving into “our home” technically it is my parents home, but we will be living there. In wonderful Piedmont OK!!! The kids will not be in OKC schools, but out in Piedmont where my mom teaches, and my dad drives his bus. I will post pictures of the pretty house as soon as I remember to get grab my camera when I go out there. I don’t know how to I can possibly say thank you to all of them enough, or how often I can, but I am going to try to do my best.

JJ is walking (almost running he walks sooo fast.) He likes his new school too, it just took him a bit longer to get use to the new people. He is not a little kid that does change very easily. He likes for things to stay the same. He is no longer with Breanna all day long he is in his own class. He has warmed up to his teacher, and I can tell he is feeling more at home. His teachers comments one day last week on his paper were “I am finding that he has a bit of a temper” I laughed when I saw it and turned to her and said ohh you mean he is throwing himself on the ground and crying when he doesn’t get what he wants? She said so he does it at home too? Yes he does and we just ignore it. =) After about 15 seconds he is moving on to the next thing. I must mention that 99.9% of JJ’s day he is smiling and VERY happy. He has started to dance and clap his hands when there is music on.

Breanna is becoming my second little mommy at home. She like to get up and wake JJ up with mommy, and she like to go with me when I put him in bed and say good night and give him a kiss. She also on the other hand likes to play mommy and tell JJ no when she thinks that he is doing something she thinks that he shouldn’t be doing (mostly playing with her toys). It is a secret to Breanna but mommy bought Breanna and Mommy tickets to Sesame Street Live last week so March 8th we will be going to go and see “When Elmo grows up” I am sooo excited for Breanna to go, I know she will love it. I can’t wait to tell her.

Jay turned 25 last week, we went to dinner the weekend before and my parents watched our kiddos all night. We had a very good time.

This week, my Dad’s birthday is Wed, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daddy a little early. And I really HATE to mention it, because it will be black Thurs in our home, but I will be 30 on Thurs. UGGGHHHHH……..(30 is the new 20 right????? Come on help me feel a little better about it, even lie if you have to) =)