Monday, January 28, 2008

Update...long over due

Long time….no post…..

Changes are coming….I am going to dive back into posting. Since the last time I posted…..Halloween. Breanna was Alice in Wonderland, JJ was Pooh Bear. JJ turned 1!! Thanksgiving. Christmas, Melissa, and my Grandparents came into town to celebrate with everyone. We are now gearing up to move…..yep that is right move. Being that I have the greatest parents, grandparents, and nana we are going to be moving into “our home” technically it is my parents home, but we will be living there. In wonderful Piedmont OK!!! The kids will not be in OKC schools, but out in Piedmont where my mom teaches, and my dad drives his bus. I will post pictures of the pretty house as soon as I remember to get grab my camera when I go out there. I don’t know how to I can possibly say thank you to all of them enough, or how often I can, but I am going to try to do my best.

JJ is walking (almost running he walks sooo fast.) He likes his new school too, it just took him a bit longer to get use to the new people. He is not a little kid that does change very easily. He likes for things to stay the same. He is no longer with Breanna all day long he is in his own class. He has warmed up to his teacher, and I can tell he is feeling more at home. His teachers comments one day last week on his paper were “I am finding that he has a bit of a temper” I laughed when I saw it and turned to her and said ohh you mean he is throwing himself on the ground and crying when he doesn’t get what he wants? She said so he does it at home too? Yes he does and we just ignore it. =) After about 15 seconds he is moving on to the next thing. I must mention that 99.9% of JJ’s day he is smiling and VERY happy. He has started to dance and clap his hands when there is music on.

Breanna is becoming my second little mommy at home. She like to get up and wake JJ up with mommy, and she like to go with me when I put him in bed and say good night and give him a kiss. She also on the other hand likes to play mommy and tell JJ no when she thinks that he is doing something she thinks that he shouldn’t be doing (mostly playing with her toys). It is a secret to Breanna but mommy bought Breanna and Mommy tickets to Sesame Street Live last week so March 8th we will be going to go and see “When Elmo grows up” I am sooo excited for Breanna to go, I know she will love it. I can’t wait to tell her.

Jay turned 25 last week, we went to dinner the weekend before and my parents watched our kiddos all night. We had a very good time.

This week, my Dad’s birthday is Wed, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daddy a little early. And I really HATE to mention it, because it will be black Thurs in our home, but I will be 30 on Thurs. UGGGHHHHH……..(30 is the new 20 right????? Come on help me feel a little better about it, even lie if you have to) =)

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Nichole said...

So good to see you blogging again!
You certainly have had a lot going on!
CONGRATS on the new house. That is AMAZING news!

30 IS the new 20! :o)