Monday, October 30, 2006

Haiden Gibson......
I couldn't remember if I had told you all about our babysitter Sara. She was due with her second child on Nov 23rd. She has a little boy and was expecting a little girl. Being that our due dates were only 3 days apart Sara and I would ask each other about doctors appointments and things that were going on. So on Oct. 19th when Jay picked up Breanna Sara's mom was there and told Jay that Sara had fallen down a fe
w stairs and had gone to the hospital. Come to find out later she had slipped down the stairs when the babies were coming downstairs from their nap and Breanna had decided to go down like a big girl, and had started to fall and Sara went to grab her.
Sara had little baby Haiden that night (Oct. 19th). They brought her home last Wed.
I called Sara on Sunday to check in with her and see how her and Haiden were doing. Sara was thrilled to have her little baby girl with her. Mom and baby are doing GREAT!! She is a beautiful little baby!! Congrats to Sara, Jerry, and big brother Braden!

Our Weekend........Halloween..........Comming Up next...............

This weekend was a fun and busy one for all of us. Sat afternoon, w
e went over to my parents house and headed out to the Piedmont Pumkin Patch to get Breanna a pumpkin and let her run around. We got there and they were tearing the whole thing down. So as we left Piedmont and were trying to figure out where to go my dad mentioned Chester's Party Barn. So we decided to go and check it out. It was a GREAT place. We got in and there was a petting zoo, lots of pumkins, a hay ride, pony rides (we almost made it all the way throught that one), and lots and lots of things to look at. Breanna had a GREAT time!! Here are some pictures from that day......
Then after we left. Breanna got to spend the night with my parents. They had offered us a very generous offer, of watching Breanna for the evening, and offering to buy Jay and I dinner, so that we could go out and have a nice child free evening before we have JJ and aren't able to do that for a long while. Jay and I took them up on their offer. =)
We went home, took showers and got all dressed up. We went out to the North Fork Grille. We loved thier other resteraunt Deep Fork Grille, so we decided since North Fork was new and we had never been there we would go and try it out. Needless to say w
e weren't dissappointed. It was just as yummy as the Deep Fork.

Sunday Breanna and I got to hang out at home. We played around the house. One of her new favorite things is to walk up to the TV and turn it off, and then on, and so on and so on. She has learned to take off her sock and to put them back on. So she does this over and over again. Here are some pictures from Sunday...

This morning since Breanna won't be at daycare Tues or Wed, she got to wear her Halloween outfit today. Here are some pictures of that....She was watching Barney this morning so she wasn't paying attention to me at all when I was trying to take her picture. =)

Tomorrow is Halloween, I'll post some pictures of Breanna in her Halloween outfit. Of corse like always today is supose to be 80 and tomorrow the high will be 50, so "great" trick or treating weather. We are just going to take her around to family and friends houses. Then Wed, the great people that I work with are going to have a little lunch/baby shower for me at the Olive Garden. Dad, Nana, and Breanna are all getting to come. =) YEAH!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Well Breanna had her 15 month old appointment. Here are her current stats:

Weight: 20lbs 8ozs 15% for kids her age
Height: 30 1/2 inches 70% for kids her age

Doctor said that she was right on schedule in doing things kids her age should do.
She did however have quite a reaction to her shots, her fever last night got up to 104.5, I gave her Motrin and Tylonol in their 3 hour cycles. I think we got about an hour and a half of sleep last night. Her temp this morning was about 101 so it had come down considerably, and she hadn't had any Tylonol or Motrin since midnight.

My doctors appointment went well, same old same old. Everythings fine and come back next week.

We are going to take Breanna to get her pumpkin this weekend. We will be taking her out to trick or treat at a few houses on Tues night. (Mostly family and a few friends) I will get pictures of that up next week.

Here are some of Breanna loving on her Bubba dog. (she now calls ALL dogs Bubba)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Some pictures………………..

Dressed to go shopping with Mommy!!

Rading with Daddy

Coloring in our coloring book

In our PJ's ready for bed

Kissing the cat

Eating a lime

Smiling after bath time
Brushing our teeth

After bath time, in our duck robe

Breanna waving Hello!!

This weekend Jay's Grandma came in from Dallas with Jay's Uncle Randy and his cousin Pete. We went over to Jay's Grandma's hotel room on Thurs night, Friday night, Sat during the day and Sunday morning. So that is where our weekend went. We had a good time. Saturday Randy took all of his neices and nephews, and their families to Incredible Pizza, which is an pizza buffet resteraunt which is a HUGE play place. They have bowling allies, mini golf, go carts, tons of games, and an area for the lil' kids. We had a good time. We had to keep a close eye on Breanna. Some parents were not watching their kids and there were teenagers running through the lil' kids area, knocking kids down and causing havoc.
We had fun and Jay won Breanna a stuffed animal, but I don't think we will be going back anytime soon.

Lets see other than that we had a pretty uneventful weekend.

We did watch the OU game Sat before going to have pizza and fun. Adrian Peterson (A.D.) as most of you know got hurt during that game and "may come back for a bowl game apperance". Of corse that was Sat, and now the guys on the local sports radio are saying that he may be back for the OSU game in Nov.. Personally I think that he isn't going to chance anything. He will leave OU after this season and go and make his millions in the NFL. If it were my kid, or me that is what I would do.

This weekend we are going to get JJ's room ready for him. We are repo-ing Jay's game room to make it a room for JJ. We are moving all of the big screen and gaming software up into the living room. We are going to get the carpets cleaned and then get things down there ready for him. =)

Breanna and I both go to the doctor next Monday. Breanna for her 15 mon old appt, and I start my weekly docotors appointments. Which makes the reality of we are really going to have a second chold sometime very soon a HUGE reality. (as if my stomach growing and moving wasn't enough)!! Some how when those appointments go from once a month to - once every two week to - once a week you feel like time goes by faster and faster. Hope you lilked the pictures. I'll post all of our new stats on Monday!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Doctors Appt Update……..Hair…….

So I had my doctors appointment yesterday. Everything was ok with me and JJ. We started talking about when we would induce JJ. If you have read pervious posts you know how the conversation went the first time. So this time she told me that if we agreed on inducing on Nov 16th or 20th she would have to go ahead and set that up because the induction schedule gets full very fast. We talked more about it and decided that if it got to be the 27th, then we would induce. Which is exactly what I wanted. That way we have a shot at having JJ be born without being induced. I talked with Jay's sister Mindy and she agreed that after 41 weeks there is a lot better chance of things going wrong, and the chances of having a stillborn birth on a seemly normal baby begin to increase after that point. I have looked up many sites on the web about pregnancy and what the risks of going past 41 weeks are and it just seems like it would be in everyones best intrest to induce at that point and not risk anything going wrong. That also means that we could have a baby over Thanksgiving. The whole induction thing might not even matter. JJ may decide to be born on the day that he chooses (as long as it is before Nov 27th).

So the other thing that happened was that yesterday I went and got my hair cut. I called my dad to see if he was working, and thankfully he was at home. So I brought Breanna up to my parents house and dropped her off and went and had my hair cut. I got it cut to about shoulder legnth. They took he hair that they cut off and donated it to the Locks of Love program. So I know it went to a good cause. =) I don't think Jay actually thought that I would get my hair cut. He seemed a little shocked when he actually heard that I had cut it. He still hasn't said anything else to me about it.

The weather has quickly turned from Summer to winter here, we need to get the weather regulated somewhere in the midlle and have a little bit of fall. Of corse I won't mind if it freezes one time right now so that we can kill off all of those pesky mesquitos that have been hangin out around our house. Then let's find Fall. It went from being 90 outside last week to 50 this week. What ever happened to the 70's and 60's for fall???

Monday, October 09, 2006

Willy Wonka……………………

Ok this weekend the original (and only to me) Willy Wonka movie was on TV. Breanna watched part of it. It got me thinking about the new Willy Wonka movie. I personally hated that movie. It was almost hard to sit through. It made Willy Wonka look like a freaky, weirdo. I didn't like it at all. Don't know how all of you feel, but I will not have Breanna watching the new Willy Wonka movie. Gene Wilder is the only Wonka Breanna will ever know. =)

More tomorrow…..about the OU Texas game, yes we lost and I have a doctors appt so I'll post an update on that whole situation too!! Hope you all had a good weekend

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pregnant Dreams………Long weekend

So this weekend Jay was doing a side job down in Chickasha. He was down there Sat from 9-7 and then again Sunday from 9-4. Makes for a long weekend for him and a long weekend for me as well. I had Friday off. So Breanna and I got up and had some breakfast. Then we went to Walmart go shop a little bit. We got some new bottles, some fruit and some juice and headed to the park for some fun. Breanna LOVED the swings, she gets in there and holds on tight and just loves swinging. Then we walked up and down the stairs of the jungle gym (more than I wanted to) we must have gone up and down about 50 times. We stayed for about an hour and went home.

Sunday we met my parents at the Runway Café at Wiley Post Airport. There was a B-17 bomber there visiting so my parents wanted to go and go through it. It was HUGE. I stayed with Breanna outside the airplane and walked up and down the runway looking at all of the little planes land and take off. According to my mom being inside one of those planes kind of takes the romance aspect of the old WWII fighter pilots and their planes. She said she couldn't imagine actually being in there for any legnth of time. We went over and visited at my parents house for awhile after that.

I was worn out by the time that Sunday afternoon came around. Breanna only takes one nap at home and she has only been sleeping for about an hour each day. So not much of a break for mom last weekend.

I am now in the stage where I am not sleeping very well. It is hard for me to get comfortable, and by the time I do get comfy I have to get up and use the restroom. I counted last night I got up 11 times to use the restroom in the 7 hours that I was in bed. I was going to record the times just to see exactly how often I got up, but I was too tired. I have also been having those weird pregnancy dreams. One where Breanna was a little baby again and she was in her old carseat and I put it on the roof of the car so that I could open the door to put her in and then I just got in the car and drove away with her on the top of the car. I had this dream twice last weekend. I think it all steamed from Jay and I watching something on Sat night on the National Geoographic channel about babies growth and development before they are born. I had a dream that we were having JJ and he turned out to have a twin sister. We had TWO babies at one time. That scared me. On the show we were watching it showed how twins bond before they are born. I think that is the part that got me dreaming about twin babies. I don't know how mom's with multiple babies do it. I can't imagine having two Breanna's running around the house.

Breanna is growing and growing. She loves to ask "what's that?" all the time. She is getting taller and taller. I am just amazed by her. =)