Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pregnant Dreams………Long weekend

So this weekend Jay was doing a side job down in Chickasha. He was down there Sat from 9-7 and then again Sunday from 9-4. Makes for a long weekend for him and a long weekend for me as well. I had Friday off. So Breanna and I got up and had some breakfast. Then we went to Walmart go shop a little bit. We got some new bottles, some fruit and some juice and headed to the park for some fun. Breanna LOVED the swings, she gets in there and holds on tight and just loves swinging. Then we walked up and down the stairs of the jungle gym (more than I wanted to) we must have gone up and down about 50 times. We stayed for about an hour and went home.

Sunday we met my parents at the Runway Café at Wiley Post Airport. There was a B-17 bomber there visiting so my parents wanted to go and go through it. It was HUGE. I stayed with Breanna outside the airplane and walked up and down the runway looking at all of the little planes land and take off. According to my mom being inside one of those planes kind of takes the romance aspect of the old WWII fighter pilots and their planes. She said she couldn't imagine actually being in there for any legnth of time. We went over and visited at my parents house for awhile after that.

I was worn out by the time that Sunday afternoon came around. Breanna only takes one nap at home and she has only been sleeping for about an hour each day. So not much of a break for mom last weekend.

I am now in the stage where I am not sleeping very well. It is hard for me to get comfortable, and by the time I do get comfy I have to get up and use the restroom. I counted last night I got up 11 times to use the restroom in the 7 hours that I was in bed. I was going to record the times just to see exactly how often I got up, but I was too tired. I have also been having those weird pregnancy dreams. One where Breanna was a little baby again and she was in her old carseat and I put it on the roof of the car so that I could open the door to put her in and then I just got in the car and drove away with her on the top of the car. I had this dream twice last weekend. I think it all steamed from Jay and I watching something on Sat night on the National Geoographic channel about babies growth and development before they are born. I had a dream that we were having JJ and he turned out to have a twin sister. We had TWO babies at one time. That scared me. On the show we were watching it showed how twins bond before they are born. I think that is the part that got me dreaming about twin babies. I don't know how mom's with multiple babies do it. I can't imagine having two Breanna's running around the house.

Breanna is growing and growing. She loves to ask "what's that?" all the time. She is getting taller and taller. I am just amazed by her. =)

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Nichole said...

Busy days it sounds like! Thats a lot of bathroom breaks in the middle of the night!!! I can't imagine! The airport sounds fun too!! I remember when I was a kid airplanes were so.. "magical" to me.. just like this giant piece of metal soaring through the sky.

Hope your baby dreams end soon too!

Kristyn said...

Just so you know, inductions often double or triple the natural labor time and oxytoxin (the drug they use to induce) makes contractions stronger than before. I highly suggest letting nature take its course! :)