Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Doctors appt update………………….

Well had a doctors appointment yesterday. The doctor said that everyting is fine and that we should expect a baby around the 20th of November. Here is the part that I need you opinions/experiences on………she said that she doesn't like to have babies go over their due dates, so if it didn't look like the baby was going to be born before Nov 20th that she would plan to induce on Nov 16th, or 20th. Which to me has good and bad parts, first I think that babies should be born when they are ready, now if they are going to get to big or are really late then fine induce, but to induce because that is the date on the ultrasound seems a little strange to me. Like my dad said what is a day or two. Now the other side what is a day or two…it is Thanksgiving, my sister will be here. I wouldn't have to worry about going into labor while somewhere for Thanksgiving. I am going to talk to my doctor about it when I go next time a little more. Jay and I talked about it last night and we decided that a week isn't that long to wait and that if we get to Nov 27th then inducing wouldn't be bad. We'll see what happens maybe we won't even have to worry about it, only time will tell….

Monday, September 25, 2006

Boomer Sooner………Breanna's Sleepover…….Happy Birthday Nichole!!

Well I had Friday off this week so Breanna and I went shopping, more window shopping than anything, but none the less shopping. We went to Walmart, where we got some new PJ's, a few coloring books, some princess crayons, a big bouncey ball, and a little pair of Princess Jasmine sunglasses. Then we walked down to Babies R Us which was having their Grand Reopening. We looked at all of the little girly clothes. They had a little outfit that I absolutely LOVED, but the smallest size that they had was 24 months, so we didn't get it. Then we went and looked at the Christmas dresses that they had, and I decided that I wasn't going to buy anything until I could find something for JJ, it is harder to find little boy outfits than it is to find little girl dresses. So once I find something for JJ then I will get something for Breanna to match. So after that we went home and Breanna had lunch took a nap and played all afternoon.

Then Sat Jay went to Chickasha to do a job in the morning. Breanna and I hung out at home in the morning. I packed up her stuff and took her over to my parents house. They graciously gave us their OU tickets and watched Breanna so that we could go to the game. My mom was there when I got there to drop Breanna off, my dad was in Edmond with the Piedmont band at a competition. My mom had everything out for Breanna to play with. She had even gone out and bought Breanna some new toys to have at their house. So I dropped her off (it made me a little sad to leave her). I knew that she was going to have a good time with my parents though. Jay came home and we went to the OU game.

Now the game this week was AMAZING, even though Middle Tennessee State isn't as hard of a team to play as Oregon. They made our Sooner Boys look REALLY good. Zach Latimer had a really good game, as did A.D. (Adrian Peterson). After the game Jay and I went over to a small reseraunt/bar called Bothers in Campus Corner. We grabbed a bite to eat and Jay had a few beers and we headed home.

We got up Sunday and had a baby free home, so what did we do, we cleaned house. =) We had a few hours that I was going to let Breanna hang out with my dad, since he spent most of Sat in Edmond. So we cleaned house, I know, I know we have such an exciting life. =)

This weekend was also Nichole Pate's 27th birthday! YEAH Nichole!! Seems like yesterday she was just a little kid. Now she is all grown up. And Nichole let me tell you 28 is pretty good, I think you'll like it!! =) I am fighting to not turn 29 in January, that is just tooo close to 30 for me. 28 is a little further away!! I hope you had a great birthday Nicole!! =)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It was a sad evening………………

Well last night was a normal evening. I went and picked up Breanna from Daycare, fed her dinner, Jay gave her a bath while I cooked our dinner. We played with Breanna and put her to bed about 8:00.

Then we got ready to watch the Crocodile Hunter's memorial at Australia Zoo. I think they did a few good job with the memorial. Jay and I did very well with the whole thing, when Wes got up and spoke, Steve's day asking for you not to grieve for Steve, but to grieve for the animals because they had lost their best friend. The part that got to us was when little Bindi got up on stage with a beaming smile and talked about her daddy………...

"My daddy was my hero," she said. "He was always there for me when I needed him. He listened to me and taught me so many things, but most of all, he was fun. I know that Daddy had an important job. He was working to change the world so everyone would love wildlife like he did.

"I don't want Daddy's passion to ever end. I want to help endangered wildlife just like he did. I have the best daddy in the whole world, and I will miss him every day. When I see a crocodile I will always think of him, and I know that Daddy made this zoo so everyone could come and learn to love all the animals. Daddy made this place his whole life, and now it's our turn to help Daddy."

By the end of that there wasn't a dry eye in our bedroom. That brave little 8 year old got up and smiled and spoke very eloquently, and proudly about her dad. Little Bindi Sue touched both of our hearts. We watched as Bindi walked over to where her mother and younger brother Bob were sitting and hugged and comforted her obviously upset mother. Truthfully by the end of all of that I was crying like a little baby. Jay was fairing a bit better than I was, but there were still tears coming from his eyes too.

At the end Steve's right hand croc wrestler, Brian, loaded up Steves truck for the last time with all of his Crocodile Catching gear, including his beloved surfboard and drove it out of the Crocaseum for the last time. (again making me cry).

Good bye Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin…..you'll be missed in our home as well.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Foul Duck…………Fun in the OmniPlex…………...

Ok so as most of you know the Sooners had a bad day in Oregon. There isn't a whole lot to say about the game, but there is an official investigateion being done by the PAC 10 about the officating of the reviewed calls. It was COMPLETELY obvious to all of the people that saw the on side kick call, that the ball WAS touched by the Oregon ducks before the ball had gone 10 yards, which means that the ball should have been Sooner ball. Not only that, but the Sooners were the ones that came out of the pile with the ball in OUR hands. Anyone who saw the play clearly saw that the Sooners were at least 3 feet away from the ball when the Oregon team touched the ball. To quote Jack Arute, "that was a bad call, a horrible call". There were other questionable calls made all of which were against the Sooners of course. It seemed as though it was a very one sided called game and the calls that were made at the end of the game, the crucial calls, were just WRONG. Much like father like daughter, it wasn't a pleasant evening in the Brinsfield home. After that Breanna got a bath and we all went to bed. Next up, Middle Tennessee State, at home. Jay and I are going to go to this game thanks to the generosity of my parents.

Sunday was a much better day. We took Breanna to the OmniPlex, OKC's science museum and I-MAX movie theater. They have a 4000 sq foot area that is just for little kids. Breanna had a plast. They had water toys, puppets, a slide, lots of little kid toys. We got there about 11 and didn’t leave till about 3:30. Breanna was WAY tired when we left. She hadn't gotten to take a nap all day, so she fell asleep in the truck on the way home and didn't wake up till about 5:00. Here are some pictures from that trip. Next weekend Breanna is going to go and visit Gamma and Grandad!! She can't wait!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

JJ's second Ultrasound.............






I think he looks a lot like Breanna (as much as you can tell in Ultrasound pictures). The due date came up as Nov 20th, so we are expecting our new baby to be here to meet his Aunt Melissa when she comes to visit for Thanksgiving!! They said that he weighs about 3 1/2 lbs, and is about 16 inches long. And they expect him to be an average size baby when he is born. He is sitting head down, sitting sideways like he is looking to the left. His back is on the right side of my stomach.
Everything looks good.

We have already been preadmitted to Mercy so now all we have to do is wait. I have my next doctors appointment on Sept 25th.

This weekend Jay and I will be doing so major house cleaning. We have been slacking off for about a month, it is hard for us to get it all done with Breanna under foot. So we devised a plan for one of us to watch her and the other clean and then switch.

We are also planning on taking her to the Omniplex (our hands-on science museum) one afternoon. They have a special area that is 4000 sq feet that only kids under 2 can go into. We figure we'll let her run around in there and wear herself out.

Have a good rest of your week!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Zoo Days…………….

Well we had a good weekend. The Sooners won, they didn't play the first half so well, but they played a better second half. =) That makes for a good weekend in the Brinsfield/McClain family.
We took Breanna to the Zoo on Sat. She LOVED getting to see the animals. We took her to the Children's Zoo section. She got to pet the donkey, sheep, and a pig. She talked to the donkey. We took her to the aquarium and she loved watching all the big colorful fish. She got to see a sea lion up close. They have windows at the bottom of the sea lion, seal pool. So when they dive under the water you can see them swimming around. Well one of the sea lions would dive down and when Breanna was standing in the windoe looking at them he swam up to the window, stopped and looked at her for about 45 seconds. Breanna loved it, she studied the sea lion as much as the sea lion was studding her.

We went and saw the bears. She called the bear Pooh bear the whole time. We didn’t go to the other side of the park where they have the bigger animals. We are going to take her back another time to see all of them. We walked 1/2 of the zoo. We walked around for about 4 hours. We left the Zoo about 2 so that we could go and watch the game at home, and Breanna was VERY ready for her nap, she actually fell asleep in the 15 minute ride home. She then woke up and watched the game. She ate dinner and went to sleep about 6pm.
Sunday we hung out at home. Jay decided last night when he was eating his ice cream that it would be a good idea to share it with Breanna. She got about 7 or 8 bites of ice cream, but that was all her little body needed. She was literally jumping up and down for the next hour. I couldn't get her to go to sleep for the life of me. She FINALLY went to sleep last night after an hour of sitting in her room by herself singing to herself at 11pm. Needless to say it wasn't a very pleasant morning. Breanna was tired and did not want to get up. She cried most of the morning while Jay tired to help me get her up and dressed.
We go for our second ultrasound tomorrow, so I'll get those pictures up on Wed morning. Have a good Monday!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Ohhh the things that you hear from daycare……

Ok so Sara, Breanna's babysitter during the day, called me last night before I left work to let me know that Breanna had gotten a little over zealous at song time and had scratched her face. Apparently the Itsy Bitsy Spider song makes my baby so happy she just couldn't contain herself, she got soooo excited about singing the song and doing the movements that go with it that she scratched the side of her face. Hahaha she does LOVE to sing and do the corosponding movements. She does Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The wheels on the bus, If you are happy and you know it, and some song about ducks.
So Sara and I started talking, I found out also that on Wed when Breanna was taking her nap that she got up a little early and as she usually started to shake the crib rails. Sara was in another room and heard Breanna start crying, she said it wasn't Breanna's usual "come and get me" cry, so she went in there and Breanna had shaken the rails so hard that she had broken the crib. The piece of partical board that was holding up the matress was sitting half on the gound at an angle. Breanna was hanging onto the part of the matress that was still inside the crib and screaming. The matress isn't more than a foot off the ground at the highest point, so I am not sure why she didn't just crawl down and get out of the crib. Sara said that she wanted to tell me incase Breanna got scared when we put her down to go to sleep. That silly kid!!
Sara said Breanna also has all of the little babies trained to get up and throw their cups, pillows, and blankets out of the crib before they go to sleep. She doesn't do this at home, but apparently she doesn't want pillows and blankets when she is napping at daycare.
My silly baby.
She makes me laugh all the time. She is just the happiest little baby ever. Last night when I came home Breanna and Jay were sitting on the front porch waiting for me. Breanna and I have storytime before she goes to bed, it is about my favorite time of day. She gets her bath, we brush her teeth then we get readt she has her milk and she sits on my lap and we have storytime to wind down her day and get her ready for bed. =)
Have a great weekend. Sat afternoon root for the Sooners. We will be watching the game at home in HD on the big screen. =)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

We got our new bassinet!!

Here are some pictures of the bassinet that I found on the internet. We love it. I went over to my friend Natasha's co-workers house last night on my way home. She had it all set up so that I would see how it looked set up and I knew where everything went. She was VERY nice. I am soo thankful that we were able to get that from her. It is beautiful and I know JJ will love it.

So here are the pictures. It is white and has little blue teddy bears on it. Just tooo cute.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Funny Face!!

Just hought these were cute/funny!!

Random Thoughts……………. Ok so this is what I have been thinking about today. Crocky Steve has died, very sad. Poor little kids that lost their father. The rest of the world has lost a great wildlife teacher. =( We loved watching his show, and were shocked that he died. I have been swimming with several (TONS) of stingrays. Some in Stingray City. There were HUGE stingrays, I never had any fear, and still don't have any fear of the gentle giants.

e are getting a basinet tonight for JJ, so that this time we don't have to put the pack-and-play in our bedroom. It took up WAY to much room and got in the way ALL the time. I e-mailed some friends and asked if they knew of anyone willing to sell me one for a reasonable price. It wasn't 2 minutes later that I got an e-mail from my friend Natasha saying that she had 2 people she knew trying to get rid of them. It pays to have friends of baby-making age!! =)

Watched Big Brother last night. Very glad that the girls came to their sences and got rid of Will. Hahaha did you see the look on Boogie's face after that happened. CLASSIC!! He sat there with his mouth open for the longest time hahahaha. I can't wait to see what else happens this Thurs.

Hmmm Breanna's getting bigger and smarter everyday. She is walking more and more everyday.
My stomach is getting bigger and bigger everyday. JJ is making me more and more uncomfortable. He is getting a lot more active and has decided that night time is his favorite time to play around. Which means that I am not getting a lot of sleep. I wake up typically about every two hours for some reason or another. It makes for LONG days at work. We get to see our little boy one more time before meeting him. We have our second ultrasound on Tues the 12th. I'll get those pictures up as soon as I can get them scanned and on the computer. =) Not to much else going on. Working…still working 10 hour days so that I can have 3 days a week with Breanna. Saving all the vacation time that I can for when I am off work with JJ.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Boomer Sooner

So this weekend was the first Sooner game of the year, and our first opportunity to see our replacement quarterback Paul Thompson at the wheel. Personally I think he did a great job. Having geared the last two years of his life toward being a WR and then having to switch gears so suddenly to being our quaterback. Admittidly he did have a few issues,but for the first game of the year I thought he looked good. I think Joe John Finley will have a great year, and will bring back a little of the Trent Smith action. A.D. looked great. The second half of the game seemed to be the AD show, but why not use him if you have got him. =)

Breanna in the Sooner tradition wore a Sooner outfit on Friday to support her team. She actually spent the morning with my dad, so he got a kick out of seeing her. Then Sunday during the game she got to wear her Sooner cheerleader outfit. She had a good time watching the game. Mostly playing, but she sat on the couch and watched a little too. =) My parents have enrolled her in the Sooner Legacy program, so she has all kinds of Sooner books, ect. I am trying to get her to say Boomer Sooner, so far she can't get it all out, but she says something like Sooner. My mom and dad went to the game. My mom called to tell me that they were in their seats (and getting wet)
before the game started. She said that they didn't get home till about midnight after the game.

On a side note, to those of you who are Longhorn fans, congrats on the win, and good luck against OSU!! =) See I am not that bad of a Sooner fan!! =) To those Colorado fans…..what in the heck happened to you all?? Didn't see that game so I don't know!

Lets see we start another week. It is a 4 day week, but all of my weeks are 4 day weeks. We go for our second ultrasound next Tues, so stay tuned for those pictures. We'll see what the doctor has to say then too. We are in the final countdown. We start our every two weeks docotrs visits next week. It seems like time is flying by. We are getting ready for this little one. We have found a basinet to put in our room for JJ. That pack-and-play was just a little big and was going to drive us nuts!! I e-mailed some of my friends and asked them if they knew anyone that wanted to sell us one. Amazingly enough it took about 2 minutes and we had 3 offers. I guess it helps to have friends that are baby making age!! =)

On a side note Breanna is venturing out on her own now, she'll walk about 5' by herself. She is getting better and better everyday!! =)

Have a good week!!