Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Random Thoughts……………. Ok so this is what I have been thinking about today. Crocky Steve has died, very sad. Poor little kids that lost their father. The rest of the world has lost a great wildlife teacher. =( We loved watching his show, and were shocked that he died. I have been swimming with several (TONS) of stingrays. Some in Stingray City. There were HUGE stingrays, I never had any fear, and still don't have any fear of the gentle giants.

e are getting a basinet tonight for JJ, so that this time we don't have to put the pack-and-play in our bedroom. It took up WAY to much room and got in the way ALL the time. I e-mailed some friends and asked if they knew of anyone willing to sell me one for a reasonable price. It wasn't 2 minutes later that I got an e-mail from my friend Natasha saying that she had 2 people she knew trying to get rid of them. It pays to have friends of baby-making age!! =)

Watched Big Brother last night. Very glad that the girls came to their sences and got rid of Will. Hahaha did you see the look on Boogie's face after that happened. CLASSIC!! He sat there with his mouth open for the longest time hahahaha. I can't wait to see what else happens this Thurs.

Hmmm Breanna's getting bigger and smarter everyday. She is walking more and more everyday.
My stomach is getting bigger and bigger everyday. JJ is making me more and more uncomfortable. He is getting a lot more active and has decided that night time is his favorite time to play around. Which means that I am not getting a lot of sleep. I wake up typically about every two hours for some reason or another. It makes for LONG days at work. We get to see our little boy one more time before meeting him. We have our second ultrasound on Tues the 12th. I'll get those pictures up as soon as I can get them scanned and on the computer. =) Not to much else going on. Working…still working 10 hour days so that I can have 3 days a week with Breanna. Saving all the vacation time that I can for when I am off work with JJ.

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Nichole said...

10 hours a day! WOW, you are a busy busy women. I'm sure you enjoy having three days with Baby B though. Glad you found a basinet! Must be nice to be able to have people that are looking to get rid of them. Thats handy.

Can't wait to see pics of JJ again. GOOD LUCK!!

We will miss steve too. :o(