Monday, September 25, 2006

Boomer Sooner………Breanna's Sleepover…….Happy Birthday Nichole!!

Well I had Friday off this week so Breanna and I went shopping, more window shopping than anything, but none the less shopping. We went to Walmart, where we got some new PJ's, a few coloring books, some princess crayons, a big bouncey ball, and a little pair of Princess Jasmine sunglasses. Then we walked down to Babies R Us which was having their Grand Reopening. We looked at all of the little girly clothes. They had a little outfit that I absolutely LOVED, but the smallest size that they had was 24 months, so we didn't get it. Then we went and looked at the Christmas dresses that they had, and I decided that I wasn't going to buy anything until I could find something for JJ, it is harder to find little boy outfits than it is to find little girl dresses. So once I find something for JJ then I will get something for Breanna to match. So after that we went home and Breanna had lunch took a nap and played all afternoon.

Then Sat Jay went to Chickasha to do a job in the morning. Breanna and I hung out at home in the morning. I packed up her stuff and took her over to my parents house. They graciously gave us their OU tickets and watched Breanna so that we could go to the game. My mom was there when I got there to drop Breanna off, my dad was in Edmond with the Piedmont band at a competition. My mom had everything out for Breanna to play with. She had even gone out and bought Breanna some new toys to have at their house. So I dropped her off (it made me a little sad to leave her). I knew that she was going to have a good time with my parents though. Jay came home and we went to the OU game.

Now the game this week was AMAZING, even though Middle Tennessee State isn't as hard of a team to play as Oregon. They made our Sooner Boys look REALLY good. Zach Latimer had a really good game, as did A.D. (Adrian Peterson). After the game Jay and I went over to a small reseraunt/bar called Bothers in Campus Corner. We grabbed a bite to eat and Jay had a few beers and we headed home.

We got up Sunday and had a baby free home, so what did we do, we cleaned house. =) We had a few hours that I was going to let Breanna hang out with my dad, since he spent most of Sat in Edmond. So we cleaned house, I know, I know we have such an exciting life. =)

This weekend was also Nichole Pate's 27th birthday! YEAH Nichole!! Seems like yesterday she was just a little kid. Now she is all grown up. And Nichole let me tell you 28 is pretty good, I think you'll like it!! =) I am fighting to not turn 29 in January, that is just tooo close to 30 for me. 28 is a little further away!! I hope you had a great birthday Nicole!! =)

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Nichole said...

AWE THANKS for the birthday shout out in your blog! I feel so special!! glad you had a good time at the game and had some babyfree time to do some cleaning!! I bet your parents just loved having her for so long!