Friday, September 08, 2006

Ohhh the things that you hear from daycare……

Ok so Sara, Breanna's babysitter during the day, called me last night before I left work to let me know that Breanna had gotten a little over zealous at song time and had scratched her face. Apparently the Itsy Bitsy Spider song makes my baby so happy she just couldn't contain herself, she got soooo excited about singing the song and doing the movements that go with it that she scratched the side of her face. Hahaha she does LOVE to sing and do the corosponding movements. She does Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The wheels on the bus, If you are happy and you know it, and some song about ducks.
So Sara and I started talking, I found out also that on Wed when Breanna was taking her nap that she got up a little early and as she usually started to shake the crib rails. Sara was in another room and heard Breanna start crying, she said it wasn't Breanna's usual "come and get me" cry, so she went in there and Breanna had shaken the rails so hard that she had broken the crib. The piece of partical board that was holding up the matress was sitting half on the gound at an angle. Breanna was hanging onto the part of the matress that was still inside the crib and screaming. The matress isn't more than a foot off the ground at the highest point, so I am not sure why she didn't just crawl down and get out of the crib. Sara said that she wanted to tell me incase Breanna got scared when we put her down to go to sleep. That silly kid!!
Sara said Breanna also has all of the little babies trained to get up and throw their cups, pillows, and blankets out of the crib before they go to sleep. She doesn't do this at home, but apparently she doesn't want pillows and blankets when she is napping at daycare.
My silly baby.
She makes me laugh all the time. She is just the happiest little baby ever. Last night when I came home Breanna and Jay were sitting on the front porch waiting for me. Breanna and I have storytime before she goes to bed, it is about my favorite time of day. She gets her bath, we brush her teeth then we get readt she has her milk and she sits on my lap and we have storytime to wind down her day and get her ready for bed. =)
Have a great weekend. Sat afternoon root for the Sooners. We will be watching the game at home in HD on the big screen. =)

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Nichole said...

Oh no!! Scrathed the side of her face!! silly girl, she really got into the song huh? I like your little getting ready for bed ritual. Very cute :)