Monday, September 18, 2006

Foul Duck…………Fun in the OmniPlex…………...

Ok so as most of you know the Sooners had a bad day in Oregon. There isn't a whole lot to say about the game, but there is an official investigateion being done by the PAC 10 about the officating of the reviewed calls. It was COMPLETELY obvious to all of the people that saw the on side kick call, that the ball WAS touched by the Oregon ducks before the ball had gone 10 yards, which means that the ball should have been Sooner ball. Not only that, but the Sooners were the ones that came out of the pile with the ball in OUR hands. Anyone who saw the play clearly saw that the Sooners were at least 3 feet away from the ball when the Oregon team touched the ball. To quote Jack Arute, "that was a bad call, a horrible call". There were other questionable calls made all of which were against the Sooners of course. It seemed as though it was a very one sided called game and the calls that were made at the end of the game, the crucial calls, were just WRONG. Much like father like daughter, it wasn't a pleasant evening in the Brinsfield home. After that Breanna got a bath and we all went to bed. Next up, Middle Tennessee State, at home. Jay and I are going to go to this game thanks to the generosity of my parents.

Sunday was a much better day. We took Breanna to the OmniPlex, OKC's science museum and I-MAX movie theater. They have a 4000 sq foot area that is just for little kids. Breanna had a plast. They had water toys, puppets, a slide, lots of little kid toys. We got there about 11 and didn’t leave till about 3:30. Breanna was WAY tired when we left. She hadn't gotten to take a nap all day, so she fell asleep in the truck on the way home and didn't wake up till about 5:00. Here are some pictures from that trip. Next weekend Breanna is going to go and visit Gamma and Grandad!! She can't wait!

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Nichole said...

Your so funny with your OU football. Wish I could contribute to your anger, but I didn't see the game so I dont even really know what happened! but doesn't seem good.

The pictures are cute. She looks like a curious little girl.