Monday, April 28, 2008

Papertowels for babies...........

Breanna saw this in the hall closet last night and said this......

"Mommy those are paper towels for babies"

Guess she thought that the big rolls were for adults and the small rolls were for babies!! I laughed!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My dinner reality.......

I have to admit that I do go to a lot of cooking recipe websites like these.....

I get great looking recipes off the internet print them out and plan on being a really good cook at home and preparing some of these very home cooked from scratch recipes. I really intend on cooking these great looking things that I print off, but 99.9% of the time it does not happen. Life kicks in and it turns into this......

Take this out of the pantry add water to the pot on the stove and cook according to the directions

Then take this out of the pantry and add a little buttter salt and pepper and simmer for a few minutes.
Then take this out of the frig, preheat the oven and pop them in for as long as the directions say.

In the end we have garlic mashed potatos, corn, and some great tasting talapia. Not too bad for just having to read the directions.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Does this sound familiar to anyone........

As we (Breanna and I) were going into Walmart this evening Breanna looked at me and said

"Mommy hold me, too windy, I will blow away"

hmmmm wonder who she sounds like?

Here is a clue....................

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Baby's got blue eyes..............ummm how about pink

Don't know if you know the song "Baby's got blue eyes", but most of the time it does apply to my babies. However today it doesn't. I got a call from daycare yesterday that Breanna had woken up from nap with pink eyes, not blue. So I left work and went to get her, and yes she did have pink eye.
I don't know if these pictures will do it justice, but she had pink eye really bad. Her eyes were swollen half way shut and they were (and I am sorry for putting it this way, but this is how it really was) oozing yellow junk. It was awful. I felt VERY bad for her. She asked me all day today for "eye medicine". Which I did put in her eyes, every 4 hours. She looks a little better. Her eyes aren't red, just puffy. Looking at the pictures below make my eyes hurt for her. Breanna and I were up last night till 1:30am, with her eye discomfort and the storms that came through, we had a pretty rough night.
She got a lot of eye drops, Tylenol, and TLC today, including a well deserved nap (and snuggle time) with mommy. We went out and got lunch and spent some mommy/daughter time together. Putting her eyes aside it was a nice day for the two of us! JJ went to "school" today to keep him away from the pink eye.

Tomorrow will be a normal day. Although tonight I have to tell you at 6:30pm this evening I am the only person in my household that is awake. It is a quiet time for me to get to relax for a minute.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Nathan's Birthday Present......

As you all know by now I follow Tricia, Nathan, and Gwyneth's story on a daily basis. Well the time has come, Tricia is being preped for her lung transplant now......check out Nathan's blog! (it is also Nathan's birthday today!!)

For the "G's" and Caught in the act

For the "G's"......that is for the Grandparents. I got a call requesting picture of our house since it has been completed. So I went around last night and took some pictures of the house. If you click on the pictures they will enlarge and you can see them better. So here we go

1. The outside

2. The living room (taken from the toy area)

3. The living room (taken from the kitchen)

4. The toy area

5. The kitchen6. The breakfast area (and door to the backyard)

7. JJ's room

8. Breanna's room
9. Our room

10. The back of the house

11. Our yard

JJ followed me outside

Now for the caught in the act part of the post. Obviously last night I was walking around the house taking pictures. I should have known better than to take my eyes off my children for a moment, but I did. I was taking the pictures of the kids bedrooms and I walked back into the kitchen and I found this.......

Breanna had taken off her pants and pull up (which if you know isn't anything new for her), but she had decided to take the "mommy's not watching" moment and go and play with the dog's water. You can see at this point JJ is still just watching, not sure if she is going to get caught, so he is waiting to see if the coast is clear.

JJ has decided at this point the coast is clear and it is time for him to jump in and play along. They know that they aren't suppose to play in the water, but hey no one was watching right. Now there is only one more picture of this because of what happened next.

JJ decided that it was yummy water and stuck his hand in the water and then stuck his hand in his mouth. That picture was followed by Mommy saying "JJ NOOOOO that is yucky water", and him turning and smiling at me and trying to stick in hand in for another bit of water. The camera went down at that point and I went and scooped him up. ugghhh. I promise I do give my kids drinks, and they are not forced to drink the dog water!! =)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tagged by Maya's Mommy

I have been tagged by Maya’s Mommy (aka Stephanie). The directions are to post 10 random bits of information about themselves and then tag 10 more people. So here goes………

1. I do not eat any kind of meat that is on a bone. I will eat the meat if cut off, you will never catch me eating chicken wings, ribs, or even one of those turkey legs. (it goes back to 8th grade science class)
2. My family is pretty small. There is me, Jay, out two kids, my sister, my mom and dad, my uncle, my dad’s parents and my mom’s mom. In all there are 11 of us. With that comes being a very close knit family.
3. Oklahoma City is if not the place I have lived the longest in my life, it will be by the end of the year. Here is the run down. Little Rock 1.5 years, Houston 5 years, Chicago 2.5 years, St Louis, 5 years, El Paso 4.5 years, San Angelo 4 years, Denver 2.5 years, Oklahoma City 5 years.
4. With the moving means that I went to 5 Elementary Schools, 2 Junior High Schools, and thankfully 1 High School.
5. I can honestly say that I have visited nearly ALL of the Civil War battlefields east of the Mississippi, (and quite a few west).
6. I have been called the “family informer”, because if you want to know what is going on with someone, I usually would know and would be willing to tell you. (part of me is pretty noisy, hence my love of blogs, you get to put your nose into other peoples lives and keep up with them, and I also get to tell what is going on in my family)
7. If I have to be somewhere I am almost always there 15 minutes early. If you are just on time you are late (Thanks to Mr. Lambrecht).
8. I hardly ever eat dinner. I have breakfast and lunch, but when I get home there just isn’t a whole lot of time. I feed the kids and make Jay dinner, but for me I am just not hungry.
9. My father, me, and my daughter all have the same middle name.
10. I have green eyes, Jay has brown eyes……my kids both have blue eyes!!

If you stumble across this blog somehow, consider yourself Tagged!! Now get busy with your list and post it!! (that means you Nichole!!)