Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tagged by Maya's Mommy

I have been tagged by Maya’s Mommy (aka Stephanie). The directions are to post 10 random bits of information about themselves and then tag 10 more people. So here goes………

1. I do not eat any kind of meat that is on a bone. I will eat the meat if cut off, you will never catch me eating chicken wings, ribs, or even one of those turkey legs. (it goes back to 8th grade science class)
2. My family is pretty small. There is me, Jay, out two kids, my sister, my mom and dad, my uncle, my dad’s parents and my mom’s mom. In all there are 11 of us. With that comes being a very close knit family.
3. Oklahoma City is if not the place I have lived the longest in my life, it will be by the end of the year. Here is the run down. Little Rock 1.5 years, Houston 5 years, Chicago 2.5 years, St Louis, 5 years, El Paso 4.5 years, San Angelo 4 years, Denver 2.5 years, Oklahoma City 5 years.
4. With the moving means that I went to 5 Elementary Schools, 2 Junior High Schools, and thankfully 1 High School.
5. I can honestly say that I have visited nearly ALL of the Civil War battlefields east of the Mississippi, (and quite a few west).
6. I have been called the “family informer”, because if you want to know what is going on with someone, I usually would know and would be willing to tell you. (part of me is pretty noisy, hence my love of blogs, you get to put your nose into other peoples lives and keep up with them, and I also get to tell what is going on in my family)
7. If I have to be somewhere I am almost always there 15 minutes early. If you are just on time you are late (Thanks to Mr. Lambrecht).
8. I hardly ever eat dinner. I have breakfast and lunch, but when I get home there just isn’t a whole lot of time. I feed the kids and make Jay dinner, but for me I am just not hungry.
9. My father, me, and my daughter all have the same middle name.
10. I have green eyes, Jay has brown eyes……my kids both have blue eyes!!

If you stumble across this blog somehow, consider yourself Tagged!! Now get busy with your list and post it!! (that means you Nichole!!)

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Nichole said...

Ha! ooo I'll have to think of 10 things before I start writing! Stay tuned.... ;) I'll have it done in a few days!

Nichole said...

Hey look! I forgot I already made my list in Feb!! So here! Check it out! :)