Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Baby's got blue eyes..............ummm how about pink

Don't know if you know the song "Baby's got blue eyes", but most of the time it does apply to my babies. However today it doesn't. I got a call from daycare yesterday that Breanna had woken up from nap with pink eyes, not blue. So I left work and went to get her, and yes she did have pink eye.
I don't know if these pictures will do it justice, but she had pink eye really bad. Her eyes were swollen half way shut and they were (and I am sorry for putting it this way, but this is how it really was) oozing yellow junk. It was awful. I felt VERY bad for her. She asked me all day today for "eye medicine". Which I did put in her eyes, every 4 hours. She looks a little better. Her eyes aren't red, just puffy. Looking at the pictures below make my eyes hurt for her. Breanna and I were up last night till 1:30am, with her eye discomfort and the storms that came through, we had a pretty rough night.
She got a lot of eye drops, Tylenol, and TLC today, including a well deserved nap (and snuggle time) with mommy. We went out and got lunch and spent some mommy/daughter time together. Putting her eyes aside it was a nice day for the two of us! JJ went to "school" today to keep him away from the pink eye.

Tomorrow will be a normal day. Although tonight I have to tell you at 6:30pm this evening I am the only person in my household that is awake. It is a quiet time for me to get to relax for a minute.

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Nichole said...

oh no, poor girl!
I didn't ever get pink I as a kid, but when I was in college I got it more times than I can count. It wasn't fun and I can't imagine the discomfort Breanna has especially since I'm sure she doesn't understand what it is. Poor thing. Hope you Jay and JJ don't catch it!