Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are weekends really THAT tiring???

This was the scene in my living room on Sunday afternoon. We didn't have a particularly busy weekend. I was doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. I walked into the living room to discover that I was the ONLY person in the house awake. If you look closely even the dogs were sleeping!! sorry about the bad quality, but I just grabbed by cell phone to take the pictures!

Are you ready for July 4th?????

We are!!!

BTW, Grandparents (and great-grandparents), when you come for Breanna's 3rd birthday party we will have copies for you!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008



What does that mean.......(be safe.......half a little fun) in this case I am going to modify it just a little to have a LOT of fun.

Why am I posting those funny words. My parents are going to get on a plane tomorrow and heading to meet their best friends for vacation. Truthfully, I couldn't imagine better people for my parents to be friends with. We can't get to get to see you both this fall over the OU-Neb weekend!! =)

I am sure that they will be doing lots of this:

(well my Dad and Kenny will be doing this)

I am pretty sure that some time will be spent here!!

Mom and Louise will be doing this....

They will enjoy some of these...

They will be hanging out here....(not to shabby eh?)

A plea to all 4 of them.....please, please, please make sure no one ends up like this......
(or at least make sure there are no pictures)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

She loves to paint........

Can you tell????
(BTW she didn't look like this when I picked her up) =)


Ok so last post I told you about Breanna and how she started going to gymnastics. Well here are some pictures from this weeks "nastics" class.
There are 4 other little girls in the class with her, and she has the worlds best teacher, she is patient and wonderful with the kids. Miss Brandie will not make it through a class without Breanna running up and giving her a HUGE hug.

This is the playzone where the kids can play before and after their class. If you look closely you will see Breanna on the slide in the middle of the picture.

In the little kid area they have hand and foot prints on everything to help the kids know where to put them.

Miss Brandie is helping Breanna do her somersaults, they have them hold the baton so that their hands don't fly all over the place.
Getting ready to do some vault preparation.
Look a the air she caught!
One of her favorite parts, jumping on the trampoline and getting to jump off of it into the foam blocks!!
The end of class, all the girls get together and say "We did it"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Told you so.........

If you remember this post http://brinsfield.blogspot.com/2008/02/they-got-me-in-lot-of-trouble-once-upon.html

Here is proof. Tust me this time there will be no call of 800 numbers and running up phone bills!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

It has been toooo long!! Get ready for lots of pictures!! We have been busy with our regular activities we have added a few as well. Breanna and I go to a Mommy and Me gymnastic class every Tues night. She absolutley LOVES it. She asks me all the time if she can go to "nastics". It isn't only an activity for her, but for both us. Since she isn't quite 3 yet, I get to go through the class with her. Jay and I have joined the OHH softball team, we play 2 games in Mustang every Sunday. We have also been to the Circus, no pictures of that though, I thought the kids would love it, but it didn't really keep their attention. We had to leave early.

A lot has been happening, we went to the OHH carnival and rode the rides and ate some hot dogs. Breanna LOVED it, she had sooo much fun. JJ wasn't into the rides or the moon-bounces. He just walked around and did some people watching!

Jay finally finished his prep class for his unlimited license and went and passed his test, so now he is an unlimited journeyman. YEAH!! He has started a new job and his new responsibilities of overseeing work that is being done. He is doing a little less physical labor and more supervising. He has had issues with his shoulder impingement, it is getting better, but it still bothers him a little. I don't know if I had mentioned this before, but Jay had joined the union. There are some good points and some bad, but he seems to be enjoying it. He goes to his meetings and goes to their classes.

Work for me has been hectic, we had month end (which is ALWAYS hectic) we also have been testing some new things in our new computer system that has taken a lot of our time up as well. Still here, still working!!

We have had some bad weather (like last night, nothing will wake you up like the sound of a tornado siren) and a lot of really warm sunny weather. The kiddos LOVE going outside and running around and having some watermelon.

Breanna loves Watermelon so much that when I was cutting it up and left it on the counter she decided that she wasn't going to wait for her bowl of fruit, she was just going to stick her fingers in and get a little taste (see the whole in the left side of the watermelon below)

The kids love to go out and play in the backyard together, they are getting a long for the most part most of the time. They laugh and run and I even got a picture of them hugging. Breanna will tell JJ, "Your sisters here" and he runs over and gives her a hug.

One HUGE announcement that we have is that Breanna is now, (except for bedtime) in these exclusively. Something in her finally clicked (or it could have been the chocolate kisses she gets at daycare) that has made my girl into a potty fanatic. She has only had about 2 accidents in the last two weeks!!

JJ had his 18 mon old appt, he is now 33 inches tall and 24lbs 12oz. His height is in the 72% and his weight is in the 32%. Dr said he is perfect, and was actually shocked at how healthy he has been. He said that all of the other kids JJ's age had been in there 3 or 4 times over the last few months!!