Friday, February 01, 2008

They got me in a lot of trouble once upon a time......

Ok so this is a sort of embarrassing story to tell, but it is also a little fun, and now it is relevant to the current news. So here goes........

Back in my younger days I did some not so smart things. One of them was to make more than a few phone calls to a certain 900 number (no not one of THOSE numbers). I was in junior high and my best friend Jordan had come over to hang out (or play as we use to call it back then). We had gotten a hold of what we thought was the jackpot, the best thing that had happened to us all year...............a phone number where if you called it the New Kids on the Block would talk and you could listen.

Now we decided that this was perfect we could call and listen to conversations, and I think you could actually choose to listen to your favorite "kid". That meant that Jordan could call and listen to Danny, and I could call and listen to Joey. Well we called and called and called.

Not only did we call from my house, we then went to her house and called from there too.

We had SOOOOO much fun. We laughed and laughed..........until my parents got the bill. Then the fun was ALL over. My parents had NO idea that we had ever called the number until the bill came. Let me tell you that was not a happy day.

Let me tell you we had a rather large backyard at that time. My punishment was that I had to mow that lovely yard every weekend until the bill was paid off. My payment for mowing the yard a whopping $5.00, yep that is right $5.00. Let me just tell you it took me more than one summer to pay off that bill! (It is the house with the fence around the back yard)

So where is the relevance to current news...........the New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) are making a comeback. That's right folks get ready they are getting ready to release a new album. After all of the years they are getting back togethter. So it is time to get out those NKOTB sleeping bags, posters, shirts, buttons, cards, pillow cases, and relive the greatness that was NKOTB! (there is a little bit of sarcasm in that statement). Although my mother might still have my sleeping bag somewhere.

This time I can tell you 100% I will not be making phone calles to any 900 number that they put out, and luckily my daughter is not old enough to dial or care about calling. Ummmmm but I will admit that I did sign up for "exclusive news" on their website..........

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Nichole said...

I hadn't heard they were making this comeback! Thats crazy!

And your story cracked me up! You so brave to go public with it!