Thursday, February 14, 2008


That is what Breanna calls popcorn. Every night we have a little mommy/daughter bonding time. We sit on the couch and share a mimi-bag of our favorite paw-corn. the Kettle Korn is her favorite, it is a little sweet. We talk about her day at school...usually the conversation goes like this:

Mom: Did you have a good day at school today:
B: yeah

Mom: Did you learn a lot?
B: yeah

and so on.

Last night we were in our back yard and someone was driving around looking at houses on one a motorcycle. Breanna said "I see Gan-dad" (Grandad).
I said "no that isn't Grandad, that is someone else on a motorcycle".
B: No Mommy that Gan-dad Harley
Mom: No Grandad is at home.
B: Mommy go find Gan-dad.

Finally something from this weekend. My Mom and Dad were watching the kids on Sat while we moved, and she sings a song with Breanna to help her learn to spell her name. When I went to pick up the kids, my mom said Breanna can spell her name. She has sung the song and can spell out her name. she then attempted to get Breanna to sing the song. If you know anything about my little Breanna you know she likes to sing on her own time and most of the time not on command. So my mom said well sing it to her and see if she will sing it back later.
So we got in the car and headed toward our new house and I started to sing the song to her, she promptly started yelling at me "no mommy, gran-ma's song" I said well don't you want to sing it with mommy? "No mommy that's gran-ma's song"
So I got shut down. No song, apparent'y that is a song only gran-ma can sing with Breanna. =)

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Nichole said...

Somebody love's her grandparents....

How cute that you have mommy daughter time every night. That is so sweet.