Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another weather post.......

Notice anything slightly familiar with this picture. except this time there are two 20 degree weather swings in one week. From 60 to 40, and so on. I am tired of having a nice day then having it follow with bitterly cold days.

Notice the wind speeds. Now, I can tell you I know this is Oklahoma where the winds come sweeping down the plains, but read this conversation and you will know how extreme our winds have been.
Jay called me last night when I was on my way home, he was already at home:

J: Have you heard anything on the news about the weather?

Me: yeah there is suppose to be a cold front coming through again tonight.

J: Did they say anything about tornado's, because the wind is REALLY bad.

Me: No nothing about tornado's, it is too cold. Just suppose to be a cold front.

Mind you Jay has lived in Oklahoma most of his life (with the exception of a few years in Texas), and he thought last night we were going to have a tornado!!

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Nichole said...

Bleh! Thats all I have to say about that!