Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Potty Training Problem...........

So my little love Breanna is 2.5 years old and I think it is time to get out of Pampers and into big girl panties.

Breanna wants to wear panties, but the problem is I can't get her to go to the bathroom in the potty. I have tried books, bribed her with stickers, candy, and the lure of the elusive panties. Nothing will get her to go potty. Not even the Dora potty seat. She says she wants to go potty, but nothing ever happens.

I have spent hours in the bathroom with her, showed her how, and as soon as I get her off the potty and put her diaper back on she goes in the diaper.

How can I convince her that using the potty is the right thing to do? Any suggestions? Really I mean it advice from anyone and everyone is appreciated!!

On a better note........we can now flush our toilets and take a real shower. They got the sewer line fixed yesterday!! YEAH!!! Breanna has seemed to have recovered from her weekend cold/fever.

Here are some pictures of the kids from last week playing in their new backyard.

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Nichole said...

When I was little my mom mad a sticker chart for me, and when I filled up a row of stickers...maybe 5 or 10 in a row, I would get a prize. It somehow worked so thats good!

This probably won't work for girls, but with Michael his mom put fruit loops in the toilet and he had to try to aim for them. LOL. Maybe that can help with JJ in a few years :)

Good Luck!
And I love your big backyard!