Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What we do to get them to go to sleep....

Here is what Breanna went to sleep in tonight. She kept pulling her swimsuit out of the drawer. she cried and cried when I would put it back. So she got to sleep in it.

Update on Kaleb

Many of you e-mailed me after seeing my post about Kaleb last week. Well they did surgery on him last Friday and put a drain in his head to help eliviate the fluid that was putting pressure on his brain. It has seemed to make a drastic improvement in him. Here is what his mom posted today.....

I am so sorry if I have frightened any of you. We have had a Busy day here at the hospital... Busy but GREAT!!!

Kaleb has been awake almost all day!! That is why it has taken me so long to do this blog. I got to help give him a bath today. Bath time was my favorite time with him at home. It was our bonding time. And here is the greatest part of this blog:


Not like a Loud, long cry, but def. a short cry. Oh how I miss his little voice... My dad and I almost fell over when we heard it!! This has topped today for me. We got good news about the internal bleeding, it is nothing serious. They seem to think that it's from the feeding tube irratating his stomcah. AMEN! Thank god that it is nothing too serious. He is moving so much and has had his eyes opened for so long now. I gave him a kiss and he made a noise for me and lifted his hand and it landed on my chest. I almost lost it. I actually miss him getting a hold of my hair and ripping it out. I am so glad I got to hear and feel him as I did today. He is so Beautiful and such an angel to me.

God showed his presence today. A chaplin that has been coming up here for a while stopped by and sat with us. I shared with him why we named Kaleb, Kaleb. Josh and I were sitting in church and the sermon was about how Joshua and Caleb in the old Testament were one of the 12 spies to seek out the promise land. God told them that they had to defeat the people of this land.Well Joshua and Caleb were the only 2 spies that remained completely faithful in God. The other 10 lost their faith and doubted that God would give them the strength to defeat them. Joshua and Caleb didn't. They stayed faithful and together they battled them and prevailed just as God said they would.

This is why we stay faithful. God will bring us through this. This is a battle that Kaleb must fight just as Caleb did in the bible. HE WILL PREVAIL OVER EVIL. The Chaplin then quoted Joshua and Caleb, "Give me the Mountain, Give me the hill". Here is the coolest part of all. As I was sitting down to type this blog, I put on Casting Crowns, Praise you in the Storm... Well at the very end of the song it says "I lift my eyes unto the hill, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, Maker of Heaven and Earth."

Now I know that this is no coincidence! It is amazing that just 2 hours prior to hearing this the Chaplin told us what Joshua and Caleb said. My two boys are warriors and we as a family will stay faithful that Kaleb will win this battle. Call me corny, but that is what we believe.

Today has been wonderful to me. My faith was renewed even more. Kaleb's strength is being renewed and kindness is being renewed through all of you. Maybe this is what Kaleb was sent here to do... I have never in my life felt so much love and compassion from total strangers. I love each and every one of you. I mean this sincerely from the bottom of my heart."

Sunday, June 10, 2007

We've got news......

JJ is now sitting up all on his own. I have been working with him on it. He doesn't like to be in one spot for very long to it has been a long journey getting here. He sat up a lot today and played with some toys.

Breanna riding on her horse.
YEAH we are sitting up!!
JJ likes this new view of things
Ok Mommy I am tired, time for a nap

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kaleb Schwade

I am part of a online group called Cafe Mom. It is a forum for mom's go get online and talk to other mom's. I am part of a group that is for mom's with babies born in November 2006. There has been a family that has been devistated that is part of that group. The Schwade family has a baby who is 9 days younger than J.J.. His name is Kaleb This was Kaleb in early May.
On May 9th his mother dropped him off at daycare in the morning and when she came to pick him up in the evening noticed that he was acting different. After trying to wake Kaleb up she realized somehing was VERY wrong. Kalebs mom and dad rushed him to the hospital. He has been in the PICU since then. He is now blind and they don't know if he will ever come out of the vegitative state that he is currently in. He is a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome. The daycare woman not only shook Kaleb, put tried to smother him.
There is a video on a website that has been set up for Kaleb that explains the whole thing better than I do. Here is the web address where the video is.
Please go and look at the video. It is on the right side of the page about 10 inches down. It will have a big play button on the video. Press the play button on the screen and it will play the video.
This child, and his family need every prayer that he can get. He has had a lot of problems since he has been in the hospital.
This has touched me beyond belief. I get an update from his mother everyday on his condition and what is going on with him. If anthing of signifigance happens I will be sure to let you all know.
The video is sad, I warn you, but it is worth seeing. If you feel so inclined share the site and video with others.
Pray for Kaleb!!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Who are these people and what have they done with my parents......LOL

Ok so those of you who have know my parents for awhile on most weekend in Oklahoma City would not recognise them. My dad awhile back as you all know bought a motorcycle, and then upgraded to a Harley. My mom didn't really get on and go with him in the beginning, but now it is another story. Dad has jean, his leather chaps, a dew rag, black boots, and a leather jacket on. Mom in her jeans tee shirt, and leather jacket. Now can you picture parents, who'd have ever thought that they would all geared up and riding on a motorcycle. Mom and Dad frequently are gone on Sat on some kind of motorcycle run. Now they go on rides to places for dinners with some of the other members of the Oklahoma HOG chapter.

Mostly I am just happy that they have something that they enjoy doing, and not only that but they enjoy doing it together!!!

Here are some pictures from a recent trip that my dad sent out.

Can you find them??
Dad has the orange dew rag on, and mom is right behind them

Good picture of mom's jacket, dad looking at something

Mom and Dad in the resteraunt . Having dinner.

Love you both!!