Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kaleb Schwade

I am part of a online group called Cafe Mom. It is a forum for mom's go get online and talk to other mom's. I am part of a group that is for mom's with babies born in November 2006. There has been a family that has been devistated that is part of that group. The Schwade family has a baby who is 9 days younger than J.J.. His name is Kaleb This was Kaleb in early May.
On May 9th his mother dropped him off at daycare in the morning and when she came to pick him up in the evening noticed that he was acting different. After trying to wake Kaleb up she realized somehing was VERY wrong. Kalebs mom and dad rushed him to the hospital. He has been in the PICU since then. He is now blind and they don't know if he will ever come out of the vegitative state that he is currently in. He is a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome. The daycare woman not only shook Kaleb, put tried to smother him.
There is a video on a website that has been set up for Kaleb that explains the whole thing better than I do. Here is the web address where the video is.
Please go and look at the video. It is on the right side of the page about 10 inches down. It will have a big play button on the video. Press the play button on the screen and it will play the video.
This child, and his family need every prayer that he can get. He has had a lot of problems since he has been in the hospital.
This has touched me beyond belief. I get an update from his mother everyday on his condition and what is going on with him. If anthing of signifigance happens I will be sure to let you all know.
The video is sad, I warn you, but it is worth seeing. If you feel so inclined share the site and video with others.
Pray for Kaleb!!!!

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Nichole said...

WoW, that is heartbreaking and oh so very horrible. My thoughts are with the family and sweet little Kaleb. I don't know how there are people in this world who could do such a think. It is awful :(

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