Monday, June 04, 2007

Who are these people and what have they done with my parents......LOL

Ok so those of you who have know my parents for awhile on most weekend in Oklahoma City would not recognise them. My dad awhile back as you all know bought a motorcycle, and then upgraded to a Harley. My mom didn't really get on and go with him in the beginning, but now it is another story. Dad has jean, his leather chaps, a dew rag, black boots, and a leather jacket on. Mom in her jeans tee shirt, and leather jacket. Now can you picture parents, who'd have ever thought that they would all geared up and riding on a motorcycle. Mom and Dad frequently are gone on Sat on some kind of motorcycle run. Now they go on rides to places for dinners with some of the other members of the Oklahoma HOG chapter.

Mostly I am just happy that they have something that they enjoy doing, and not only that but they enjoy doing it together!!!

Here are some pictures from a recent trip that my dad sent out.

Can you find them??
Dad has the orange dew rag on, and mom is right behind them

Good picture of mom's jacket, dad looking at something

Mom and Dad in the resteraunt . Having dinner.

Love you both!!

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Nichole said...

They crack me up! If you had shown me that picture 10-14 years ago, I wouldn't have believed you. I'm glad they have something they love doing together. Keeps life fun!