Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trivia......a riddle of sorts...

I am 30 my daughter is 3

When I am 31 my daughter will be 4

When I am 32 my daughter will be 5

When I am 33 my daughter will be 6

What is interesting about that? Can you figure out the puzzle.

I know it is pretty simple and not that hard, but it popped into my head a few minutes ago, and I got a kick out of it!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The monster in the backyard

What do Jay and my dad have in common. They both spent a large chunk of this last weekend and this weekend putting together a swing set in the backyard for the kids. The kiddos LOVE it. They both just want to go outside and swing and go down the slide. It took them them about 12 hours to get it completed. I have pictures of the construction in progress, but my camera battery died this morning so we will have to post those another day.
they began by taking all the boards out, labeling them and stacking them on the back porch. The assembly began. After day one we had a slide, a ladder, rockwall, and two base frames. The second day they got all the rest of the steps completed. There were 27 in all, I would say there were more like between 110-150 because each step a several sub-steps.
Breanna went out on Sat night and said "daddy and granddaddy did sooooooo good"
Needless to say Sat night it was a little hard to get the kids to come inside and get ready for bed. they both cried. So if you want to know where we will be every evening from now on we will be in the backyard playing in the "treehouse" as Breanna calls it.

First picture is from the manufacturer, I failed to get a picture of the entire thing.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New fun blogger thing...........

If you blog and you want to have some fun with other bloggers go here:

It will be fun!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our first trip to the dentist......

So the kids had their first official trip to the dentist yesterday. (thankfully the dental hygienists were extremely nice and no torture was involved, if you don't know what I am referring to see post below http://brinsfield.blogspot.com/2008/08/dental-hygienist-or-nazi-woman.html )

We went in and they have a HUGE play area for the kids to play in, books, train tables, a big playskool tree to play in, acrade games, basically anything a kid would want to play with. We got a tour of the whole office, and they didn't mind the kids running around while we walked around. I had looked into a lot of dentist offices in our area over the summer looking for one that was kid friendly.

They took the kids back and each one got to pick out a toy and a toothbrush. Then it was time for the cleaning. Breanna got to sit by herself, and JJ go to sit with me. The chairs all have flat panel TV's above them so that while they are getting their teeth cleaned they can be distracted by watching a movie.Both of them did really well. They got their teeth counted, evaluated, cleaned, and got a fluoride treatment.

Breanna has great teeth, she still has some coming in, but they looked good. The right spacing, and alignment.

Next was JJ and I got a comment from the dentist that I THOUGHT that I might get about his teeth. Can you guess what it was..............

he has some crowding with his teeth, that's right folks he inherited the "mouth is to small for all of your teeth" gene from his mother. The $ went flying through my head just as the dentist added "it isn't good that we see it in a child this young". uggghhhhh. I told the dentist that my mother claims that I had every orthodontic device known to man in my mouth at some point, and that I had to have some permanent teeth pulled to make room for all of my teeth. He just smiled and said "he got this from you then" ummmm yep he sure did.

The both got balloons and their picture taken which made them happy. They can't wait to go back to the dentist again. They both also got dollars for not having any cavities. All in all a pretty good visit. Both kids left with smiles on their faces.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Nie Nie

In case you all don't read her blog on a daily basis like I do. I thought that I would put her blog address up here. Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christian were in a plane accident on Sat night and need all the prayers and support you can give them.
I have read Nie Nie pretty much daily since I found her blog. She is creative, funny, and a great mom. Truthfully I think we all have a little "we want to be like Nie Nie" in us. I know that I have heard more that one person say that. I am wishing her and her husband a speedy recovery.


you can check her sisters blog for updates.......


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Playboy Magazine and the OU Sooners

Playboy Mag and the OU Sooners, what do the two have in common?

Playboy has ranked the 08-09 Sooner team as the #1 team in the U.S. predicting the Sooners will have an undefeated National Championship year. It will be in the Playboy issue that is released this Friday 8/15/08.

All I can say is......Hef knows football!!

Thanks Hef! hehe

PS.....it was on the local news tonight!! Check it out here


Dental Hygienist or Nazi Woman?

So tonight I was going through the "going to the dentist for the first time" book that the kiddos new dentist sent over for them to read before they go for their first visit next week with Breanna and it took me back. WAAAAAY back.

It is a LONG standing joke in our family that we once had a dental hygienist that was only nice to my mom, knowing that she was the one who made the decision about what dentist we went to. To the rest of us she was known, and will always be known as the "Nazi woman". Mind you I am sure that she was a wonderful person, she was always very nice to us when she would come and get us from the lobby (where my mom was waiting). She turned into the Nazi woman when you got into that chair.
Her weapons of choice.......the first one is the high powered water pick!! It was more like a power-washer it would have taken the paint off the walls I am sure. She would get this contraption out and your eyes would start to water. You could see it coming.......it was AWFUL. She would take the torture weapon and smile (you know that smile, the one where she knows that you know she is about to take the first 3 layers of enamel off of your teeth) say "open up" and the torture would begin. Her second method of torture was the "I am going to strengthen your gums" approach. This was her code words for "open up, I am going to take this sharp pick and intentionally cut your gums" My lips purse, and tighten at just remembering those moments.
In our house it was 3 against 1. The 1 being my mom who apparently the Nazi woman lowered the pressure gun for, and felt that her gums were quite strong, against my father, my sister and I. We complained and complained, told of the horror and the pain, just to get from my mom the "ohhh it's not that bad" response.

Hopefully there will not be a Nazi woman at the kiddos dentist, I don't want to have flashback to the power-washing and gum cutting.

6 days without posting.....

I have fallen to the bottom of Jess's blog roll. ugghhh.

Not much has been going on. We have all gotten and gotten over a stomach bug. Not fun, especially when you have sick kids.

The Olympics are robbing me of all of my sleep. I can't help it. I get sucked in. I have to watch to see who is going to win. Is the underdog going to pull out a surprise win, or is the dominate team going to dominate? I stay up past midnight watching. It doesn't help things out that our cable provider has added 2 HD 24 hour Olympic coverage channels to the line-up.

It doesn't matter what the sport, heck I even got pulled into synchronized diving the other night, seeing if the good old USA boys could win a metal.
That is how much has been going on.......synchronized diving is the most interesting thing going on! Let me tell you it was actually amazing to watch!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Breaking News Alert........

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this breaking news alert:

Someone woke up this morning and told me they needed to go potty, so we went and this someone actually used the big BOY potty!!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…..

Monday, August 04, 2008

Where's T-M-J-J - Sturgis Web Cams

It is sort of my version of where's Waldo. You can search through the hundreds of people on these web cams and see if you can see anyone you know........

Chick here:

or here:

Looks like a few people are there.

Warm Fuzzies

The kids got some warm fuzzy jammies for Breann's birthday. So they wore them this weekend. I know it was 106 outside and the last thing people want on is anything remotely warm. How ever it was NOT anywhere near 106 inside. They both have a tendency to kick off all of their covers during the night and so these kept them warm!!

We also go to spend some time with my uncle Mike this weekend. He came in for the big Sturgis ride. We loved getting to spend some time with him. Now if there was some way we could convince him that he should move too! In case you are interested the men got to their half way point without any issues. They said that it was a little "warm" outside, but not too hot. They left Sunday morning at 6:15am to avoid the excessive heat that we have had. Today they are making the slightly shorter trip to Sturgis to enjoy all of the bike week activities!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Lucky to have them.......

Breanna and JJ are sooo lucky to have not only their grandparents to spend time with (which they LOVE doing), but they also have 3 great-grandparents (on my side of the family, there are more on Jay's side) that they get to spend time with! Aren't they lucky little kiddos!!

Here is a picture from last weekend of the kids with their "greats".
In true Breanna fashion, she has her early moring face on......she IS NOT a morning person!