Friday, August 01, 2008

Lucky to have them.......

Breanna and JJ are sooo lucky to have not only their grandparents to spend time with (which they LOVE doing), but they also have 3 great-grandparents (on my side of the family, there are more on Jay's side) that they get to spend time with! Aren't they lucky little kiddos!!

Here is a picture from last weekend of the kids with their "greats".
In true Breanna fashion, she has her early moring face on......she IS NOT a morning person!

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Nichole said...

That is so very special for not only the kids but for the greats as well! Michael STILL at 28 years old has a great grandparent that is living and I am always envious as all my greats were long gone before I was even a thought in my parents mind!

I love Breanna's morning face.