Thursday, July 31, 2008

The big Sturgis send-off

That's right folks. This weekend my father, my uncle, their cousin and his wife are loading up and hitting the long road to Sturgis for bike week. According to Google it is going to be a 933 mile trip one way. My uncle is coming over this weekend then they will all leave from here.

Of corse I found some Sturgis website that have live web remember men will might be watching!! =) Love you all and hope you have a GREAT trip! BS/HALF!!

PS----Love my biker dad. I am soooo glad that he has found something that brings him joy and that he loves doing (even though if you had told me 10 year ago that my father would be going to Sturgis I would have bet ANYTHING that there was NOOOOO way my dad would!)

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Anonymous said...

Sturgis is going to be crazy and awesome this year! It is good that they have webcams setup so you can keep an eye on them 
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Tell your boys to come by the booth and say hi!
Ride Safe.
Gia Anderson
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Nichole said...

how fun! I have no doubt they will have a blast.

Anonymous said...

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