Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our weekend.....


Without my mom and Dad we would not have had a weekend to ourselves. They generously offered to watch the kids for a little or as long as we wanted last weekend. They ended up watching them from Friday afternoon till Monday morning.

So what did we do with our kids free weekend??

Friday night we did a whole lot of nothing. We were both exhausted and basically we watched a little TV, I read a few blogs, and we went to sleep.

Sat we got up and went to breakfast, then we went to Home Depot to load up on yard stuff. We got flowerbed dividers, lava rocks, and mulch. So after we mowed and edged we got down to business. We put in all the flower bed dividers, pulled all the weeds and grass that had migrated into the bed, put the lava rocks down. Got all of the trees beds cleaned out and got the mulch in. It doesn't sound like a lot of work, but it took a LONG time!

Then after all of that we decided to go out to dinner. We ended up at Shoguns at North Park mall. I had never been there, so it was nice.

The one thing that I can say is that you will definitely get your money's worth of food, and entertainment. By the time I got my entree I was already stuffed. With your dinner you get soup, salad (which has a VERY good ginger dressing, my new favorite), a shrimp appetizer, fried rice, a ton of veggies, then your entree, some sauteed mushrooms and sprouts, then either sherbet, or ice cream for dessert. I had scallops, Jay had the steak. It was all very yummy. We headed back to the house after that exhausted from all of our work in the yard, and our tummies stuffed. We watched a movie and went to sleep.

Sunday we got up at 6:30, yep no kids we didn't have to get up, but we did. Cooked breakfast, and watched the news. I made green chili chicken enchiladas with rice and black beans for lunch. We cleaned the house did laundry, all the normal things. Then we cook out some ribs, and veggies for dinner.
I missed my babies faces and sounds. I was very ready by Monday after work to go and get them and take them home.

We had a great weekend, thank to my parents, and got a lot of things accomplished that we would not have had we been chasing 2 toddlers around!

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Nichole said...

Your parents are so sweet to take the kiddos. Though I'm sure any time they get with their grandbabies is wonderful for them.

The restaurant looks amazing and made my mouth water... YUM!

Anonymous said...

Aren't grandparents the BEST??? It's so amazing to get a quick minute to re-group, re-organize and refresh! Send hugs and kisses to your parents from us!