Monday, July 07, 2008

Senor, Senorita, and Bubba Gump

Well my parents got back from good ole Mexico just fine. We are sure happy they are back. We went over there Sat night for some hamburgers and hot dogs. Breanna and JJ got to wear their new, strait from Mexico, clothes. They looked toooo cute!! Breanna has a white dress that is embrordered with little blue flowers, and JJ had a light blue guayabera shirt. Dad, Jay and I went outside and played a little softball (since we have joined my company team and all). My dad and Jay both noticed that I tend to hold my glove wrong during one type of throw. (more on this later). We had a good time visiting with my parents and Nana.

Aren't they cute holding hands!!

I made some civiche to take over there for us to have before dinner. It turned out really well. I only put shrimp and scallops in it, but it was pretty yummy. It has become one of our favorite foods to have to snack on, or have as a meal. It is VERY low fat, VERY low calorie, and VERY good. It is a great summer food, light and refreshing!

So while we were there my mom decided that they would keep the kids over night and Jay and I could have an adults only night. Pretty exciting huh. Well it didn't turn out to be quite the evening I think my parents were envisioning for us. We got home and decided since the sun was down and we were waiting to see the fireworks that started at 10pm, we would go outside and toss the softball around. Well remember the aforementioned wrong position of my glove. Well it came back to haunt me. Jay threw me a ball, and I tried to scoop catch it instead of the correct catching method with the glove turned out in front of you. The ball went into my glove and rolled right up it strait into my lower lip. I dropped my glove and ran inside. I now have an official "bubba gump" lip. Be prepared the next picture is NOT pretty!!
My mom told me that she thinks I should take up something like Tai chi, something I might have a chance at not hurting myself doing!! (I also have 2 skinned knee's and pretty much my whole shin is one big bruise) =)

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Nichole said...

Man they just won't stop growing. By the time I finally meet them they are going to be even bigger. That is scary. They look adorable in the Mexican goods!

The civiche looks delicious! :)

Your poor lip! That must have REALLY hurt! I'll teach you some tai chi sometime.. haha. It is much less dangerous! lol