Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Decoding my babies….

I know all parents have been there, trying to figure out exaclty what in the world their kids are talking about. So here are some of our recent ones.

Breanna’s code
Where is my sista--------Where is JJ (hmm he is your BROTHER)
I want Ice cream---------I want a Yoplait yogurt drink that mom made me think is ice cream
Want to go to nastics-----I want to go to gymnastic
Can I have a beeeee-nana--------- Can I have a banana
There is a spider ------It could be a spider, a fly, pretty much any bug.
Want to go wader garten - I want to go to the splash-park
I want Chicken-pox -------I want some chicken tenders (don't know where she got pox)

Now JJ being younger is a lot harder


Ouw-sih -------Outside
Bah------------ Ball
Nana----------- Breanna
Iduhnooooo------ I don’t know – think Joey from Friends
Uhhhnooo ------oh no
Bah------------- bath (almost the same as ball just a different a sound)
He- Yooo------- hello

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