Monday, September 29, 2008

Sooners #1 'Nuf Said!!!!!!!!!!

WE ARE #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BOOMER ............(ummmmm this is where you yell Sooner!!!)

PS.....Looks like Hef knew what he was talking about....see HERE

The Pirate and the Princess.... a Halloween preview!!

Breanna might end up being Tinkerbell, but here is a preview of Halloween!!

Sorry the pictures aren't the best, my camera is at work.

PS. Tami - Breanna said you would love her princess she says it is "soooo sparkly"!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Skee-tio Bites

Since it is officially fall (and I LOVE fall) I have started burning the Yankee Frosted Pumpkin candle, and it is a bit cooler outside. I have also bought some mini-pumpkins and gourds to put outside on the front porch. 

Breanna LOVES pumpkins. In fact she has sort of adopted one and it goes almost everywhere with her. She carries it around, she sleeps with it, holds it while she eats, ect. The only place it doesn't go is to school, she would lose it there and that would not be a pleasant thing for me. 

Back to the mini-pumpkins and gourds on the front porch, Breanna see's one of these and says:

"Mommy look at all of those skeeto-bites!" 

She thinks the bumps on the gourds are mosquito bites!! Tooooo cute!!

I have bought the kids Halloween costumes,but you have to wait a little bit longer to see them. I can tell you JJ will be a pirate, and Breanna will either be Tinkerbell, or a Princess. I will post pictures are soon as I get JJ's (I order it online and it isn't here yet). 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pictures of the "treehouse" pre-completion

Well you all have seen pictures of the kiddos swing set completed. I had taken some pictures after the first day of construction so you all could see the stacks of boards and all of the work it was going to take to put it together.  

Here are the stacks of wood on the back porch.
One pile of the wood that went into the swing set. They put all of the like pieces together.
Another pile of wood and some the swings still in the box.
All of the pieces were out and labeled as to which step in the directions they were going to be used in. 
AQ? Really were there really that many steps and different sizes of wood. Maybe that is why it took 2 long days to put together. 
The drills used to put the monster together.
The bases that were complete at the end of day 1.
The slide and stairs were also completed at the end of day 1.
Up close picture of the stairs, see the side that has the rock climbing handles. That is Breanna's side, the side with just stairs is the side JJ climbs.
This is the weather that delayed the rest  of the construction for a few day. I believe this was the "landcaine" that Oklahoma had earlier this year. It rained for about a week solid.

A big THANK YOU to my Dad for spending 2 long days in the HOT sun putting it together!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Twiddles

Breanna has an obsession. It is something I have done for along time. Even people at work have called me on it. My mother calls it twiddling. I do is without thinking (in fact I have done it while typing this post more than one time). My little girl has done it since she was about 6 months old. 

What is a dwiddle you might ask, well it is getting a piece of your hair and twirling and twisting it between your fingers. My mom says Breanna gets it because she see's me doing it. I think it is more nature not nurture. (going back to some psychology terms). I think she does it because it just is something she does (something inherited) rather than something she has learned by "watching me" (throw back to Nancy Regan's drug campaign, haha).

 It causes us some issues with Breanna's hair. If you look closely her hair is shorter on her right side than it is on her left. She prefers to "twiddle" on the right side. She has actually broken off her hair doing it. Here is pictures of the "twiddles".

Just adding a note. Breanna upon seeing this on the computer screen said "look my I twiddle" ugghh

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Walmart Security

This morning after dropping the kiddos off at school. I stopped by Walmart.

As I walked in the front door I went to grab one of the hand held small plastic shopping baskets. Much like these.

I noticed that the one that I had picked up had a security tag on it. Ya know like the ones they put on clothes that they don't want stolen, the ones that have to be taken off with the special tool that is kept at the registers.

So I looked at the next one and it had on attached to the bottom as well. I at this point was a little intrigued and look at the stack that they had piled up. EVERY SINGLE one of them at the security tags attached. Now really are there that many people stealing USED plastic shopping baskets from Walmart. They aren't that sanitary, they are plain gray, not even colored like the ones above.

Now I want to go back and wait and watch and see which person dares to walk out of the Walmart with this basket and sets off the alarms!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not me Mondays

Well MckMama started a new weekly posting. The not me Mondays so I thought that I would give it a shot...

I did not let my oldest child run around the house on Sunday completely naked ALL DAY. What kind of parent would I be if I let that happen.

I did not get online this weekend to ONLY buy a cute Halloween costume for JJ from Old Navy and end up seeing a TON of things that I had to have that were on sale. Some that they won't wear till next summer, but hey who couldn't pass up cute dresses for 4.99 and shirts for 3.99. It's ok you can leave the blog now and go to Old Navy's website I know you want to.

I did not let my kids stay up WAY past their bedtime on Friday night at a softball team party. They had a blast playing with their friends.

I did not let both kids fall asleep watching Sesame Street in our bed last night (and at 6pm at that). At least they were watching something educational.

I did not tell Breanna that there were spiders in the grass just to get her to come inside Sat afternoon. We had been out there a LONG time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WWWAT...Beginning and Endings

Mine....... Beginning and Ending of an OU Sooner Game ...beginning Sooner Pride Band playing Boomer Sooner getting the croud ready for a great day of football. Second beginning picture and my most favorite (I know that is not correct english) part of the pre-game the players all get together sing...hmm how about chant...(I don't think the MEN would like me saying they get in a cricle and sing) and sway in a huddle!! If you are a Sooner fan you will notice the picture is a little can see Dan Cody, Tommy Harris, and Antonio Perkins. I have been to several games over several years so I had a lot to choose from.

Ending of game.....Sooners win...'nough Said!! See all the red in the
Stadium...the Sooner Nation is STRONG!! (you can see Boomer and Sooner on the field with the RUF NEKS!!)

*******added****** and NO Nichole, the perfect ending is not Tech winning. BTW we play you all Thanksgiving weekend this year in Norman......good luck! (your gonna need it) =)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Rainbow

Last night while watching the OU game I looked out our front window and saw a HUGE rainbow that was outside.

I went and grabbed Breanna and took her outside to see it. She said "oh Mommy you made me a beautiful rainbow" She loved it, she told me all of the colors and wanted to know where it went after it got dark! I told her the rainbow had to go to bed, just like she had to go to bed and maybe it would come back after the next rain. 

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Remember where you were? I do. I was driving to work in Denver and sat in the parking lot listening to my radio dumbfounded. We spent much of the rest of the day watching the news coverage. Work just wasn't really that important that day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear Hurricane Ike......

Dear Ike,
Do you think you could move a little to the right? Just a little more. You see we have these people in your path, 

and would feel better if you moved to the right. It doesn't have to be a lot, just so they don't get the brunt of the storm. While your at it could you slow down and stop spinning so fast?

I talked to my sister and she is gearing up for the storm today, getting supplies ect. If Ike doesn't move to right (come on Ike just move) she will be at the hospital (the dogs will be there too) Friday to Sunday. As a nurse she is required to be there and stay there. Good thing they let her bring the doggies so we know they will be safe as well. 
Now get a move on Ike.....we want to sleep soundly this weekend. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Picture by JJ

JJ got a hold of my phone and took this picture of Breanna. You can see her hair that I did this weekend. She had about 15 rubberbands in it. She LOVED it. She wouldn't let me take them out until she took a bath on Sunday night. 

then he took this one, remember he is still learning!!   =)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Our weekend...........

Friday.......picked up the kids after work came home...felt bad, felt bad all day at work, temp 102.0, went to bed at 5:30. High temp making me COLD put 3 blankets on and still shivered under the covers. Jay took care of the kids till 9pm when Breanna wouldn't go to sleep, she came and laid down with me.....we both went to sleep.

Sat.......still sick....watched OU game, went and let Dexter out and stayed with him for about a hour. Watched  the rest of the OU game. Jay and I made homemade from scratch chili and cornbread. JJ started running a fever too. Breanna, JJ, and Mommy(me) passed out about 7pm in mommy's bed. JJ's temp and my temp the same 101.8. Woke up at 9pm shivering temp up over 102 again. up at 6:45am (a result of 3 of us falling asleep so early the night before). Jay (who had stayed up a lot later than the rest of us...FL vs. Miami) got up and made us a yummy breakfast. JJ and I still sick and running temps. Mytonsils are swollen and hurt. Kids running around all day, JJ still not feeling well. JJ and I fall asleep at 3:30 till Breanna wakes us up at 4:15 and 4:30, get up  do some laundry, clean the kitchen, get the kids dinner, a bath, and get them ready for bed. Watch the Cowboys game, yeah Romo!
Worried about Tom Brady hope he will be o.k.

Sunday night........all is quiet....wondering how long this bug (sickness) will last, friend at work says 3 days......hoping she is right. Watching da Bears (go Bears!!!) game by myself (Jay in the living room afraid he is going to get sick too).

Tomorrow....going to work......hoping the bug is gone.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
Create your own family sticker graphic at

Oklahoma City Basketball Team Name Revealed - Thunder!!

So who are we going to be cheering for??

OKC Thunder!!!

They had a press conference complete with the corny sound of thunder in the background as Clay Bennett spoke. Although I must say he explained the name, and uniform well. It will be primary blue for the Oklahoma Flag, and around OKC it is orange and fades into red, for our sunsets. 

You can watch it here, pretty cool intro

****just tried to back to the NBA site and it is SLOW right now, must be tooo many hits!

You can read or watch it here.....