Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Walmart Security

This morning after dropping the kiddos off at school. I stopped by Walmart.

As I walked in the front door I went to grab one of the hand held small plastic shopping baskets. Much like these.

I noticed that the one that I had picked up had a security tag on it. Ya know like the ones they put on clothes that they don't want stolen, the ones that have to be taken off with the special tool that is kept at the registers.

So I looked at the next one and it had on attached to the bottom as well. I at this point was a little intrigued and look at the stack that they had piled up. EVERY SINGLE one of them at the security tags attached. Now really are there that many people stealing USED plastic shopping baskets from Walmart. They aren't that sanitary, they are plain gray, not even colored like the ones above.

Now I want to go back and wait and watch and see which person dares to walk out of the Walmart with this basket and sets off the alarms!

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Tam Tam said...

Don't lie Amanda, you know you wanted to take it home:) What has become of our society when people are stealing shit ugly shopping baskets......
The Queen