Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Rainbow

Last night while watching the OU game I looked out our front window and saw a HUGE rainbow that was outside.

I went and grabbed Breanna and took her outside to see it. She said "oh Mommy you made me a beautiful rainbow" She loved it, she told me all of the colors and wanted to know where it went after it got dark! I told her the rainbow had to go to bed, just like she had to go to bed and maybe it would come back after the next rain. 

2 people showing some love:

Brittany said...

So pretty! And good for you for making that gorgeous rainbow just for her:)

Nichole said...

How pretty!
This is going to be a cute story to share with her when she gets older!
You're the best mommy in the world for making a rainbow for your little girl!