Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oklahoma City Basketball Team Name Revealed - Thunder!!

So who are we going to be cheering for??

OKC Thunder!!!

They had a press conference complete with the corny sound of thunder in the background as Clay Bennett spoke. Although I must say he explained the name, and uniform well. It will be primary blue for the Oklahoma Flag, and around OKC it is orange and fades into red, for our sunsets. 

You can watch it here, pretty cool intro

****just tried to back to the NBA site and it is SLOW right now, must be tooo many hits!

You can read or watch it here.....

2 people showing some love:

DetJessandalltherest said...

thunder...roorraaah, scary.

I gotta get on this team support thing, you are going to help me right? RIGHT?

gooOOOO Thunda!

Nichole said...

so the thunder wins.... Its a fun powerful name... go thunder!