Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Twiddles

Breanna has an obsession. It is something I have done for along time. Even people at work have called me on it. My mother calls it twiddling. I do is without thinking (in fact I have done it while typing this post more than one time). My little girl has done it since she was about 6 months old. 

What is a dwiddle you might ask, well it is getting a piece of your hair and twirling and twisting it between your fingers. My mom says Breanna gets it because she see's me doing it. I think it is more nature not nurture. (going back to some psychology terms). I think she does it because it just is something she does (something inherited) rather than something she has learned by "watching me" (throw back to Nancy Regan's drug campaign, haha).

 It causes us some issues with Breanna's hair. If you look closely her hair is shorter on her right side than it is on her left. She prefers to "twiddle" on the right side. She has actually broken off her hair doing it. Here is pictures of the "twiddles".

Just adding a note. Breanna upon seeing this on the computer screen said "look my I twiddle" ugghh

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