Sunday, September 07, 2008

Our weekend...........

Friday.......picked up the kids after work came home...felt bad, felt bad all day at work, temp 102.0, went to bed at 5:30. High temp making me COLD put 3 blankets on and still shivered under the covers. Jay took care of the kids till 9pm when Breanna wouldn't go to sleep, she came and laid down with me.....we both went to sleep.

Sat.......still sick....watched OU game, went and let Dexter out and stayed with him for about a hour. Watched  the rest of the OU game. Jay and I made homemade from scratch chili and cornbread. JJ started running a fever too. Breanna, JJ, and Mommy(me) passed out about 7pm in mommy's bed. JJ's temp and my temp the same 101.8. Woke up at 9pm shivering temp up over 102 again. up at 6:45am (a result of 3 of us falling asleep so early the night before). Jay (who had stayed up a lot later than the rest of us...FL vs. Miami) got up and made us a yummy breakfast. JJ and I still sick and running temps. Mytonsils are swollen and hurt. Kids running around all day, JJ still not feeling well. JJ and I fall asleep at 3:30 till Breanna wakes us up at 4:15 and 4:30, get up  do some laundry, clean the kitchen, get the kids dinner, a bath, and get them ready for bed. Watch the Cowboys game, yeah Romo!
Worried about Tom Brady hope he will be o.k.

Sunday night........all is quiet....wondering how long this bug (sickness) will last, friend at work says 3 days......hoping she is right. Watching da Bears (go Bears!!!) game by myself (Jay in the living room afraid he is going to get sick too).

Tomorrow....going to work......hoping the bug is gone.

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Anonymous said... sorry!!! Not good when momma bear is sick!!! Hoping you guys are feeling a bunch better tomorrow!!!