Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dear Hurricane Ike......

Dear Ike,
Do you think you could move a little to the right? Just a little more. You see we have these people in your path, 

and would feel better if you moved to the right. It doesn't have to be a lot, just so they don't get the brunt of the storm. While your at it could you slow down and stop spinning so fast?

I talked to my sister and she is gearing up for the storm today, getting supplies ect. If Ike doesn't move to right (come on Ike just move) she will be at the hospital (the dogs will be there too) Friday to Sunday. As a nurse she is required to be there and stay there. Good thing they let her bring the doggies so we know they will be safe as well. 
Now get a move on Ike.....we want to sleep soundly this weekend. 

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Nichole said...

Ya Ike, what Amanda said...
Be nice to my best friend and Mr. Frank!!