Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pictures of the "treehouse" pre-completion

Well you all have seen pictures of the kiddos swing set completed. I had taken some pictures after the first day of construction so you all could see the stacks of boards and all of the work it was going to take to put it together.  

Here are the stacks of wood on the back porch.
One pile of the wood that went into the swing set. They put all of the like pieces together.
Another pile of wood and some the swings still in the box.
All of the pieces were out and labeled as to which step in the directions they were going to be used in. 
AQ? Really were there really that many steps and different sizes of wood. Maybe that is why it took 2 long days to put together. 
The drills used to put the monster together.
The bases that were complete at the end of day 1.
The slide and stairs were also completed at the end of day 1.
Up close picture of the stairs, see the side that has the rock climbing handles. That is Breanna's side, the side with just stairs is the side JJ climbs.
This is the weather that delayed the rest  of the construction for a few day. I believe this was the "landcaine" that Oklahoma had earlier this year. It rained for about a week solid.

A big THANK YOU to my Dad for spending 2 long days in the HOT sun putting it together!!

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Tam Tam said...

OK the tree house is great! But i have nothing to say about the tree house.....thanks Amanda-I so know you too-even through word of mouth-and we have Jess to thank for that connection...thank you for the support and I am sure we will have much to discuss tomorrow!