Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Playboy Magazine and the OU Sooners

Playboy Mag and the OU Sooners, what do the two have in common?

Playboy has ranked the 08-09 Sooner team as the #1 team in the U.S. predicting the Sooners will have an undefeated National Championship year. It will be in the Playboy issue that is released this Friday 8/15/08.

All I can say is......Hef knows football!!

Thanks Hef! hehe was on the local news tonight!! Check it out here

3 people showing some love:

Brittany said...

I love Hef!

Tam Tam said...

Playboy knows football! Go sooners!!!! I am surprised with all the pervs at Channel 5 it wasn't highlighted as a story there:) Just saying.....

Anonymous said...

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