Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dental Hygienist or Nazi Woman?

So tonight I was going through the "going to the dentist for the first time" book that the kiddos new dentist sent over for them to read before they go for their first visit next week with Breanna and it took me back. WAAAAAY back.

It is a LONG standing joke in our family that we once had a dental hygienist that was only nice to my mom, knowing that she was the one who made the decision about what dentist we went to. To the rest of us she was known, and will always be known as the "Nazi woman". Mind you I am sure that she was a wonderful person, she was always very nice to us when she would come and get us from the lobby (where my mom was waiting). She turned into the Nazi woman when you got into that chair.
Her weapons of choice.......the first one is the high powered water pick!! It was more like a power-washer it would have taken the paint off the walls I am sure. She would get this contraption out and your eyes would start to water. You could see it was AWFUL. She would take the torture weapon and smile (you know that smile, the one where she knows that you know she is about to take the first 3 layers of enamel off of your teeth) say "open up" and the torture would begin. Her second method of torture was the "I am going to strengthen your gums" approach. This was her code words for "open up, I am going to take this sharp pick and intentionally cut your gums" My lips purse, and tighten at just remembering those moments.
In our house it was 3 against 1. The 1 being my mom who apparently the Nazi woman lowered the pressure gun for, and felt that her gums were quite strong, against my father, my sister and I. We complained and complained, told of the horror and the pain, just to get from my mom the "ohhh it's not that bad" response.

Hopefully there will not be a Nazi woman at the kiddos dentist, I don't want to have flashback to the power-washing and gum cutting.

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