Wednesday, August 13, 2008

6 days without posting.....

I have fallen to the bottom of Jess's blog roll. ugghhh.

Not much has been going on. We have all gotten and gotten over a stomach bug. Not fun, especially when you have sick kids.

The Olympics are robbing me of all of my sleep. I can't help it. I get sucked in. I have to watch to see who is going to win. Is the underdog going to pull out a surprise win, or is the dominate team going to dominate? I stay up past midnight watching. It doesn't help things out that our cable provider has added 2 HD 24 hour Olympic coverage channels to the line-up.

It doesn't matter what the sport, heck I even got pulled into synchronized diving the other night, seeing if the good old USA boys could win a metal.
That is how much has been going on.......synchronized diving is the most interesting thing going on! Let me tell you it was actually amazing to watch!!

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