Monday, August 04, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

The kids got some warm fuzzy jammies for Breann's birthday. So they wore them this weekend. I know it was 106 outside and the last thing people want on is anything remotely warm. How ever it was NOT anywhere near 106 inside. They both have a tendency to kick off all of their covers during the night and so these kept them warm!!

We also go to spend some time with my uncle Mike this weekend. He came in for the big Sturgis ride. We loved getting to spend some time with him. Now if there was some way we could convince him that he should move too! In case you are interested the men got to their half way point without any issues. They said that it was a little "warm" outside, but not too hot. They left Sunday morning at 6:15am to avoid the excessive heat that we have had. Today they are making the slightly shorter trip to Sturgis to enjoy all of the bike week activities!

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Nichole said...

ooo I want to go get my warm fuzzy flannel pj's out now... but I'd wake up in a pool of water from sweating too much! They look extra warm and cuddly!