Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ok so last post I told you about Breanna and how she started going to gymnastics. Well here are some pictures from this weeks "nastics" class.
There are 4 other little girls in the class with her, and she has the worlds best teacher, she is patient and wonderful with the kids. Miss Brandie will not make it through a class without Breanna running up and giving her a HUGE hug.

This is the playzone where the kids can play before and after their class. If you look closely you will see Breanna on the slide in the middle of the picture.

In the little kid area they have hand and foot prints on everything to help the kids know where to put them.

Miss Brandie is helping Breanna do her somersaults, they have them hold the baton so that their hands don't fly all over the place.
Getting ready to do some vault preparation.
Look a the air she caught!
One of her favorite parts, jumping on the trampoline and getting to jump off of it into the foam blocks!!
The end of class, all the girls get together and say "We did it"

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Nichole said...

she looks so cute!