Thursday, June 19, 2008



What does that mean.......(be safe.......half a little fun) in this case I am going to modify it just a little to have a LOT of fun.

Why am I posting those funny words. My parents are going to get on a plane tomorrow and heading to meet their best friends for vacation. Truthfully, I couldn't imagine better people for my parents to be friends with. We can't get to get to see you both this fall over the OU-Neb weekend!! =)

I am sure that they will be doing lots of this:

(well my Dad and Kenny will be doing this)

I am pretty sure that some time will be spent here!!

Mom and Louise will be doing this....

They will enjoy some of these...

They will be hanging out here....(not to shabby eh?)

A plea to all 4 of them.....please, please, please make sure no one ends up like this......
(or at least make sure there are no pictures)

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Nichole said...

I on the other hand hope that they do end up like that AND get picture of it... That would be hilarious!!! Hope they are having fun.