Friday, March 21, 2008


Here are some of the changes that I have noticed since we have moved.....

We were in the backyard today.....we heard horses neighing, (not trains, or traffic)

My nearest neighbor (as of right now), about 100 yards away.(not next door)

The nearest gas station is not pre-pay, they just assume you are going to pay after you pump your gas (they also do not have the swipe your credit card at the pump option).

The best pizza place that I have found is the City Stop, same place you can get gas, pizza, hamburgers, they have a full breakfast and lunch menu as well, you can get just about anything. (and they have the largest selection of Monster Energy drinks I have ever seen!)

The "city" we live in has one four way stop sign, and one flashing red light.

Nearest fast food restaurant........get this 4.5 miles!!

Nearest Starbuck.....6.8 miles (I even googled this one)

Nearest Walmart......6 miles

Drive to drop the kids off.......about 1.5 minutes(not 40 minutes as before)

Drive to work after dropping the kids off.....10 minutes (not 1 hour)

We see A LOT more cows than we do people.

It is QUIET!!! you can hardly hear anything, really it is almost eerily quiet.

The people are super, super nice. I have met nearly ALL the parents at "new school" and they are all great!!

Ahhhhhhh such a great place to live!!!

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Nichole said...

WOW! That seems like such a great place to live! what a huge change from before. I can't believe the gas station doesn't have a swipe your card option! How cool! :)

The sunset is breathtaking. How beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful kids have been tagged- visit my blog. :>)