Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Busy (sort of) weekend. By our standards our weekend was a little busy. Friday I got to leave work at noon and went and picked up a few things to entertain the kiddos in that backyard. I got them some smallish rubber balls, some sidewalk chalk, and a princess kite. We had a blast. We played outside all afternoon. (Breanna has slept with her ball every night since then)
Sat Jay’s mom, Sean, and sister Jessie came over and hung out. We cooked out hamburgers. Sunday Jay other sister Kelli and her fiancé Nick came over and we cook out some fajita’s, I made some Pico de gallo, and queso. WE had a good time! Breanna and JJ were certainly entertained and very tired by the time their heads hit the pillow Sunday night.

On Sunday we had an incident that has never happened. I was sitting in the recliner with JJ and we were watching Baby TV (great channel) and Breanna got mad at me for something walked over and bit me on my foot. Let me tell you it wasn’t just a bite, she broke the skin on my foot. Needless to say she went strait to time out. When I went over to talk to her and reiterate that it is not nice to bite and it hurts I asked her if she was ready to get up, she said “no, I sit time out”. Apparently she got the message.
I was really trying to make her understand that what she did was wrong so later in the day I asked her
Me: “What happened to Mommy’s foot?” (pointing to the area of the bite)
B: “ohhhh myyy goooodness JJ bite Mommy” (nice try little one, pawn it off on your brother, she even added genuine concern for good measure)
Me: “No, JJ didn’t bite Mommy, you bit mommy”
B: “Mommy I kiss it make it all better”
Me: “OK, but you can’t bite, because when you bite it hurts people and it makes them sad”
She kisses my foot
Me: “Thank you for making it feel better, now are you going to bite anyone again?”
B: “yeaaah” (you can tell she got the point can’t you)
Me: “no you can’t bite it hurts”
B: “ok yawnna don’t bite” (yawn-na is what how she says her name)

As for her younger brother, he is now attempting to speak actual word and put some of those words together. He tried to tell me the other day that he wanted his ball that was in the car when I picked him up. I think I understand it because I am his mommy because it actually sounds like this.

JJ: bah
Me: you want a ball
JJ: me, me bah cah
Me: you want your ball that is in the car?
JJ: me, me bah cah
Indeed his ball was in the car. Such a smart little man!! =)

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