Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sesame Street Live

So I need to start with I wasn't really sure that Breanna would get Sesame Street Live, and I was terrified that she would be scared of the larger than life charters that we were going to see. Turns out all my fears were completely opposite of what actually happened. Now I forgot my real camera in the car so I had to take the pictures with my phone. So they aren't the greatest pictures but you will get the idea.

We were seated in row 4 center stage (on the floor of the arena) so we got to see everything up close. I have NEVER seen Breanna so taken with something. The show was 1.5 hours long (do you know how hard it usually is to keep a 2.5 year old focused for that long) she didn't take her eyes off the stage the entire time.She was in an Elmo trance. She LOVED every minute of it. She sang danced, waved, and tried to talk to the charters. Here are the pictures sorry again for the quality....

Breanna getting geared up for Elmo Grows Up

The stage before the show began

Before the show began

During the show, she was in an Elmo trance

This is how close we were

We had an added bonus to the show for mommy. We knew that some of the ladies that I work with and their girls were going to be there (Mandi and Jacee, Jennifer and Katie, and Kara and Hailey). During intermission we found out that two of Breanna's friends from "new school" were there too (Morgan and Danielle). Also during intermission Breanna and I got up to go and get Breanna a drink and I heard someone say"Amanda!!" I couldn't believe my eyes, it was Natasha and her little girl Niyah. I worked with Natasha when I first moved here, and I haven't seen her since she left Fleming. (almost 3 years ago). I think when we last saw each other Niyah was almost Breanna's age (and Breanna wasn't even a thought in my head yet). It was such a nice suprise for me. Natasha was sitting only 2 rows behind us. We talked and got caught up. We e-mail each other about once a month or so, so we weren't that far behind, but it was soo good to actually see her face to face.

So Breanna and I both got something out of the day. She got to see Elmo and his Sesame Street friends up close and personal, and I got to see one of my friends up close and personal!! =)

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