Monday, March 03, 2008

Someone heard me complaining.........

Ok so as you know I have had a bit of a problem with the weather lately. The changing temperatures have driven me nuts. Well someone heard me complaining and decided to make things a little more interesting around here. Here is what has transpired in the last 24 hours:

Sunday during the day: a little windy, warm nice morning and early afternoon, temp about 70, kids can go outside and play in the backyard.

Sunday evening: More wind, stronger winds, rain (buckets of rain), sometime between 7:30 and 8:00pm our tornado sirens go off not once but twice. There are a strong line of thunderstorms that produce tornadoes coming through the area. There is power flashes and damage close to downtown OKC (hence the sirens).

During all of this our satellite decides to go out. So we have no way of knowing where the tornadoes are. I called my mom and dad to tell them to call us if we needed to take shelter. Thankfully our satellite problem only lasted a few minutes.

Seriously last night I think I saw the most lighting I have ever seen in my life. I went back to get the toys out of the yard that the kids had been playing with and actually got scared and ran back inside. It rained and stormed most of the night.

Monday morning: Get the kids up and moving, we are ready to head out the door. I get them into the garage, open the garage door and there is a blizzard outside. Literally lots and lots of snowflakes. As of now it is still snowing outside. We are suppose to get somewhere between 1 and 6 inches of snow today. Right now it is 35 outside, we have gone from sunny, and 70 to 35 and snowing. uggghhhh.

Here is a picture from yesterday. Breanna and Scout looking out the window. Breanna would talk to Scout and then Scout would bark at Breanna. They ran from window to window looking outside and "talking" to each other. There were no storms at this time, I wouldn't let Breanna near the windows once all the storm started there is to much construction going on in, to many things that could be flying through the air and hit the window (the winds we between 40 and 60 mph).

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Nichole said...

I had been reading your weather posts and sympathizing with you but I had forgotten how irritating it really is when the weather changes so drastically in real life and not just as a memory!

I had seen news in the gym about the tornado's up there and was thinking about y'all. I hope you get some normal stable weather again soon.