Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It is going to be one of THOSE days.....

Maybe it is the time change, maybe it is that my children are slowly sucking the brain right out of my head, all I know is that today is going to be one of THOSE days !!!

Today, I woke up late, had to fight with Breanna to get her to wear something other than Dora swim shoes to school. Then this happened.

I got to work and decided that I needed one of these

so I got my 50 cents and went into our break room. Mind you I would most always have some ice water, but our ice machine in the break room is broken, so if you want water it is warm tap water (yuck). So anyway I went in and deposited my quarters into the machine and it rejected one of them sending it strait to the change slot. Hmm funny, so I went back to my office and got a different quarter. Went back in and again, the machine would take the first quarter, but not the second. So I decided maybe it was just my quarters, so I popped my head into the nearest co-workers office (which my boss was in too). This is how the conversation went.......

Me: Do you have a quarter I can trade you for, the Coke machine doesn't like mine.

Boss: hmm that is sort of funny.

Co-worker: Sure here.

We trade quarters, I go back and get the same response from the Coke machine, takes the first one put rejects the second. So back to the co-workers office I go (boss is still in there too)

Me: Well that didn't work it didn't like your quarter either, ya know it is funny, it is taking the first quarter, but always rejecting the second one.

(at this point co-worker kind of smirks and laughs a little)

Boss: Doesn't it only take one quarter to get a coke out of that machine.

Me: ummm yeah

So I walk back into the break room deposit my one quarter and get my Diet Coke. Walk back by the office and boss says "It's going to be one of those days".... Now we have been in this office for almost a year, and the Coke's have always been sold for 25 cents.

Then I call my Dad, talk to him for a little bit about various things and he says

"You might want to call the trash people tomorrow morning and remind them to pick up your trash."

(I have had a HUGE problem getting them to pick up my trash at the new house)

Me: hmm today isn't Thurs, I put the trash cans out this morning thinking today was Thurs. In fact I told Jay last night to remind me that today was trash day.

In fact today is not Thursday, it is Wed. (go figure)

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Nichole said...

I read this when you posted it, but am just getting around to commenting. It made me laugh. Those kinda of days are the worst!!