Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Boomer Sooner

So this weekend was the first Sooner game of the year, and our first opportunity to see our replacement quarterback Paul Thompson at the wheel. Personally I think he did a great job. Having geared the last two years of his life toward being a WR and then having to switch gears so suddenly to being our quaterback. Admittidly he did have a few issues,but for the first game of the year I thought he looked good. I think Joe John Finley will have a great year, and will bring back a little of the Trent Smith action. A.D. looked great. The second half of the game seemed to be the AD show, but why not use him if you have got him. =)

Breanna in the Sooner tradition wore a Sooner outfit on Friday to support her team. She actually spent the morning with my dad, so he got a kick out of seeing her. Then Sunday during the game she got to wear her Sooner cheerleader outfit. She had a good time watching the game. Mostly playing, but she sat on the couch and watched a little too. =) My parents have enrolled her in the Sooner Legacy program, so she has all kinds of Sooner books, ect. I am trying to get her to say Boomer Sooner, so far she can't get it all out, but she says something like Sooner. My mom and dad went to the game. My mom called to tell me that they were in their seats (and getting wet)
before the game started. She said that they didn't get home till about midnight after the game.

On a side note, to those of you who are Longhorn fans, congrats on the win, and good luck against OSU!! =) See I am not that bad of a Sooner fan!! =) To those Colorado fans…..what in the heck happened to you all?? Didn't see that game so I don't know!

Lets see we start another week. It is a 4 day week, but all of my weeks are 4 day weeks. We go for our second ultrasound next Tues, so stay tuned for those pictures. We'll see what the doctor has to say then too. We are in the final countdown. We start our every two weeks docotrs visits next week. It seems like time is flying by. We are getting ready for this little one. We have found a basinet to put in our room for JJ. That pack-and-play was just a little big and was going to drive us nuts!! I e-mailed some of my friends and asked them if they knew anyone that wanted to sell us one. Amazingly enough it took about 2 minutes and we had 3 offers. I guess it helps to have friends that are baby making age!! =)

On a side note Breanna is venturing out on her own now, she'll walk about 5' by herself. She is getting better and better everyday!! =)

Have a good week!!

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Nichole said...

Shes so cute in her little outfit!