Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Play Days…..

Well this weekend was a little different than last weekend. This weekend, even though it was over 100 outside, we had a bug to get out of the house and go out somewhere.

We took Breanna to the park. She didn't like the slide too much. I think she got a little scared. She did love the swing though. Jay pushed her for a few minutes. It was really just to hot outside to be out there for very long. So we packed our stuff up and went home.

It did rain Sat night and almost all day Sunday. It actually cooled things off. It was 66 when I walked out the door this morning (it was 6:20am), but the high is suppose to only be about 82. Jay is the happier that it is finally cooling off. He got pretty tired of the 100+ temperatures. It makes his days REALLY long and makes him REALLY tired.

Well I went to the doctor yesterday. Everything is fine. Had to take that yucky glucose test. So it was a legnthy doctors visit. We are scheduled for our 2nd and final ultrasound on Sept 12th. So we get to "see" JJ one more time before we get to meet him. I am pretty excited. Our babysitter if any of you don't know is also pregnant, and due 3 days after me. So we get to talk about all of our doctors visits each morning when I go and drop off Breanna. Our doctors are in the same practice. She is having a girl, she already has a son Braden, and now they will have baby girl Hayden. She is having her ultrasound done tomorrow, so I am a little jealous that I have to wait 2 more weeks. We have also traded a lot of baby clothes. She has sent baby boy bedding and things and I have given her some baby girl clothes. There are a lot of things that I just couldn't give up. It may take me a little longer to be able to let go of some of those cute little baby girl clothes that Breanna was wearing a year ago.

We are ready for the Sooners to play this weekend. We play UAB on Sat night at 6pm. So everyone turn on TBS and watch our Sooners. My parents have enrolled Breanna and JJ in the Sooner Legacy program so Breanna and JJ will be sent little things from OU for the next few years. Breanna in the true Sooner tradition will be wearing her OU gear on Friday. We are going to train her little Sooner mind from the beginning. Last year she wore her little OU onsie each game day. It is just a coinsidence, but my dad will be watching Breanna that morning too, so he will get to see her all geared up.

So last words for this week are BOOMER SOONER!! I'll get pictures of Breanna this weekend in her Sooner outfits. She has several. She has little Sooner cheerleader outfits for game day!! =)

Have a great week!!

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Nichole said...

haha, you guys and your sooners.
Glad everythin is going well with you guys. Its nice to have someone going through the same things as you (babysitter having a baby) because its nice to talk to someone in the same situation at the same time. The pictures are cute. Thanks for sharing.